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It’s easy. Just fill out our simple signup form and get started. It’s simple. It’s easy, and it’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything. Really, it doesn’t. We’re just looking out for your better half. Not your spouse. Your business. Want in? Sign up now, for free.
Difficult? No. Our system is designed to make things easy. That’s our mission. That’s our goal. To make small business loans simple. We stay up late just thinking about faster and easier ways of getting you a loan.
No. You want the highest credit score possible, right? Of course you do, and we won’t ever jeopardize that. We don’t ask for your social security number. We just ask for your credit score. That’s in part how we recommend you to a bank, but keep in mind, financial institutions will pull your credit before approving you for a loan. It’s the law!
One out of ten businesses are getting loans at their local bank. That’s only one out of ten. On the other hand, seven out of ten businesses are getting loans with us. It’s really that simple, and it’s your choice. We’re free. You get multiple loan options. Then you get to compare those options with your local bank. We think it’s a pretty clear choice. Plus, it’s free.
Yes. Personal credit is a factor. It’s not the only factor. Different loan products and lending institutions weight credit score differently. If you’ve got great credit, great! If you’ve got less than great credit, don’t sweat it. That’s the magic of Lendio. We’ll show you your options either way.
We use the same 256-bit encryption that banks and physical security use. That means your information is perfectly safeguarded. Nobody’s getting in. Nobody’s getting anything out. Your information’s safe with us.
Completing a profile with us only takes a few minutes. After that, business owners get contacted by banks within a few days, sometimes within a few hours. From there the time it takes to get funded will vary. Some banks complete the underwriting process in just a couple weeks. Others take slightly longer. Either way, you can know you’ve been matched to the best loan option for your business.
Nope. Lendio is not a lender. We’re not a bank. We don’t issue loans. We’re simply the most direct path to our nation’s best lending institutions. Our unique online tool takes you there, and you get the best loan options in minutes.
All our testimonials are real. They’re given freely and direct from our satisfied customers. Check out more Lendio testimonials on our YouTube Channel.
Yes. We partner with major banks and lending institutions across the nation. Those relationships mean a better experience for you. We know the banks’ lending criteria, and we recommend you to the best options for your business.
It’s not about fitting any specific credit requirements. It’s about finding the best fit for you. Our technology pools from over 3,000 lenders with over 13,000 loan products nationwide. Does credit play a part in that? Of course it does. How? Our expert programmers with their algorithms and amazing skills, they factor your credit score and the other answers you provide in you profile and put it all into one big equation. Then we recommend you to the right bank for your business. That’s the point. You don’t have to worry about it.
We believe in America. We believe in the American small business owner, and once we’ve helped every business owner across the United States get the right loan for their business, maybe then we’ll make our way to the world.
Here’s the thing, you won’t know until you fill out your profile. Just fill it out. It takes no more than five minutes. That’s our magic. Then if you don’t qualify for a loan, we’ll let you know the straight story and how to improve.
Use the money for your business. You’re the business owner. The money is meant to make your business succeed. Use it where it makes sense. You know best, but keep in mind, the type of loan you get, it matters. If you get an equipment loan, you’ll need to use the money for, yes, a piece of equipment. A consolidation loan? Yep, for consolidation. You get the idea.
Call us. We are here to help you. Our loan advisors will personally help you find the right loan for your business. If something doesn’t make sense, call us. Need help filling out your profile? Call us. Have a question about a bank? Call us. We’re the ones you call.