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Finding Funding for Every Business

One location gives you more options to find funding for those hard to fund deals.

How We Help

Send those you can’t fund.

The Lendio online portal, Pipeline, allows you to track your loan production and send under qualified businesses to our lending representatives with a single click. You keep visibility into the business and loan progress throughout the process.

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Do you have businesses that just aren't fitting your criteria?

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You spend a lot of money to find small businesses, but some just don't quite fit. Lendio works with thirty plus lenders to create a larger spectrum of options. We can help you convert on those deals that you normally could no fund.

3 Reasons Businesses Rely on Lendio

All Options: <br />One Place

All Options:
One Place


Lendio works with a network of best-in-class lenders that offer the full spectrum of lending options. With more finance options we are better able to find funding for businesses that might otherwise be turned away.

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Speed: Options <br />within Days

Speed: Options
within Days


Businesses need funding fast. Lendio uses advanced matching systems, paired with live representatives, to find funding in a matter of hours and days, instead of months. Because we work with a network of lenders, businesses only need to complete one application process to access multiple lenders.

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Trust: Focused <br /> on Win-Win

Trust: Focused
on Win-Win


We help thousands of businesses every month find financing. We know how hard it can be to find financing and how important it is to a small business owner. Our representatives work one-on-one with business owners to help them gather information, complete the application and evaluate options.

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How do you handle businesses that don't fit your target market?

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The old approach is to politely show them the door telling them to make their way back in a few years. Industry leaders are starting new trends. By partnering with lending marketplace solutions (like Lendio) banks are able to help clients find funding, without taking on the risk and protecting the loss of other financial services (deposits, credit cards, etc.). Find out how we can help you protect your relationships and build future qualified borrowers.

How it Works

Lendio Small Business Loan Prospects

A. An under qualified business comes to you for financing.
B. You complete a simple contact form that passes information to Lendio.
C. Lendio searches its network of lenders to find the best option.
D. Funding is completed and you are notified.

With the new funding the business is able to grow and become more qualified for financing you offer.

Success Stories