How Do I Get a Business Loan?

Due to strict lending regulations imposed upon banks, getting a business loan can be a difficult process. But this doesn’t make getting the funds you need to start, grow, or sustain your small business any less important. Luckily, many options have become available to fill this critical need.

That sounds great! Where do I start?

Well, the process will vary greatly depending on where you decide to get your business loan. At a bank, for example, you will typically be required to show up in person, bring a lot of documentation, provide a thorough explanation, be prepared with research for what kind of loan you want to apply for, and be somewhat knowledgeable about what loans you could qualify for before you even being the application process.

Online lenders tend to be a bit easier and more friendly towards applicants, but they still typically offer only a handful of loan options.

Ouch. That seems really difficult. I wish there was a better way.

There is! Here at Lendio, we make getting a loan as easy as possible and we provide you with tons of options. To start, head on over to our magical application and enter some information about your business. For most businesses, the process only takes about 15 minutes.

Once the application is complete, a funding manager will contact you to discuss your loan options. You’ll likely have quite a few since we are partnered with over 50 lenders, so take as much time as you need with your personal funding manager and make sure you understand which loan is best for you and your business needs.

Then what?

That’s just about it! Once you choose your loan, your personal funding manager will push through the application to the lender and finish up the loan details. Because we have so many lenders and are exceptionally efficient, loans can be processed in a matter of days instead of weeks or months!

That’s amazing!

Well, thank you. We try.