How Will I Pay Back My Loan? How Often Will I Pay for My Business Loan?

Because we’re partnered with over 75 lenders offering a vast array of loan products for all kinds of businesses, the exact method and frequency with which you pay back your loans can vary between options. Our lending partners offer loans that range from once-a-month payments to payments that are automatically withdrawn from your business account on a daily basis.

Okay. But how will I pay back my loan?

With money.


Right? Seriously though, the loan products you qualify for likely determine the way in which, as well as how often, you’ll pay back your loans.

Because we like to provide all of our unique customers with the best loan products available for their particular situations, we provide options to everyone from thriving businesses with impeccable credit and sales records to people who are just starting out a business and have very low credit. This means our lenders offer a range of products from traditional bank quality interest and payment structure to lenders who are willing to take higher risks on someone with significantly lower credit and business history than could ever be qualified for a loan at a more traditional bank or lender.

Typically, the stronger your business and credit, the less frequently you’ll have to make loan payments and the more payment processing options you’ll have. In contrast, the lower your credit scores and business strength, the more frequent and determinate your payment options will be.