What Is an Online Lending Marketplace?

Thanks for asking! An online lending marketplace is basically a one-stop shop where you can use the resources and partnerships of the marketplace to help you with all aspects of getting the loan you need.

That sounds simple. Why doesn’t everyone do it?

We’re not really sure. That’s why we created Lendio.

Where traditional lending models require you to fill out a separate application for each lender and offer very little or no help with their detailed and complex applications, we walk you through one easy and fast application, and then show you all the loan products available from over 75 lenders at once.

Think of it like shopping online. Instead of driving to one store to see if they carry a product you like, you can shop different brands, styles, prices and more from the comfort of your own home. That’s what we do with loans.

What a great alternative!

That’s exactly why they call it alternative online lending.