Are There Small Business Loans for Minorities?

Some government agencies offer small business loans or grants specifically for minority-owned businesses. They’re excellent programs and we encourage any minorities who may be eligible for those offers to check them out and see if they qualify.

Does Lendio offer any loans or grants for minorities?

As a private business, as well as an online lending marketplace, we do not have any options that we can offer exclusively to minorities. However, we have always said that small businesses are the backbone of America, and we are well aware that a considerable and growing percentage of those small businesses are minority-run or -owned.

Sadly, we’re also aware that minorities typically have a disproportionately more difficult time getting loans through traditional channels such as banks (those jerks!) than non-minorities. That’s one of the reasons we created Lendio. We saw that there was an ever-increasing need for funding businesses run by people of all races and ethnicities. So we partnered with more lenders than anyone else in the world to make sure everyone has access to the best loans available for their unique business needs.

Wow, thanks!

It’s our pleasure. And remember, even if you’re unable to qualify for a government grant or loan for minorities, or are unable to get all the funding your business needs, you can always fill out our magical online application and see which of our amazing options you qualify for in as little as fifteen minutes!