What Is a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card is…a credit card. But, you know, for businesses.

Yeah, I get that…but I thought you guys did loans?

We sure do. But we’re more than just an online lending marketplace – we exist to help you get the best kind of funding for your business. We’ve learned that sometimes the best loan option for your small business isn’t a loan at all, so we’ve partnered with lenders who offer you credit card options for those times when a credit card is the best solution to your financing needs.

Okay, so how is a business credit card different than a personal credit card?

It’s a credit card. But you know…


Our apologies. We get cranky when we don’t get an afternoon nap. But the truth is that business and personal credit cards function in much the same ways: they offer on-demand funding; flexibility for large or small, long-term or short-term purchases; and can be leveraged to provide or preserve cash for your business. The primary differences are that they improve your business’s credit instead of your personal credit, and that they can only be used for business purchases.

That sounds pretty great!

It can be. But keep in mind, a business credit card also typically comes with higher interest than a traditional loan, and can’t offer as high of an approval amount as larger loans. But if you’re struggling to find funding for your business, it’s a fantastic way to get some reliable and fast working capital.