What Is an ACH Loan?

Getting down on yourself for bad credit? Know you have a great idea but no one will look past your credit score to give you the funds for your obviously amazing business idea? Look, it happens. And unfortunately, most banks (and even lenders) aren’t willing to look past poor credit and miss out on helping people like you make your dreams a reality. That’s why we offer ACH loans. While not the most desireable loans on the market, they provide an excellent option for those who struggle to find funding due to credit issues.

Boy, you’re not great salespeople are you?

No. In fact, we don’t even try to be salespeople. But we do try to get you the best loan for your business, period. We will always be honest about the rates and terms you’re signing up for and help you evaluate every possibility. We will always try to get you the best loan possible, whether that is an ACH loan or another option. But having an ACH loan as a choice can sometimes make the difference between your company getting no financing, or quickly getting the funding it needs. And as long as you know you can succeed, an ACH loan can be what you need to go from being stuck in the mud to moving toward fixing your credit and building that business you’ve always imagined.

Hmm. Maybe you’re better at selling than I thought.

We still aren’t selling you anything. But thanks.

Why you might want an ACH loan:

  • Loan options for businesses that otherwise wouldn’t be eligible for funding
  • Helps restore bad credit


The hard truth:

  • Significantly higher interest rates than other kinds of loans
  • Payments deducted from your account daily
  • Loan amount is relatively low compared to other loans


While ACH loans clearly aren’t for everyone, we’ve seen them help plenty of people turn their credit around and start the business (or keep one alive) that they’ve always wanted. As long as you do your due diligence and plan out what kind of income you’ll have versus the amount that’ll be deducted on a daily basis, you should be fine. And don’t worry, we know it can be scary to navigate loan options. But that’s why we vet all our lenders to make sure none of the loans you receive are predatory, and why we have a staff of best-in-the-business funding managers who can help lay out everything for you so you can make the best decision for your company.

Well, then. I’ll have to think about it.

That’s exactly what you should be doing. Good for you.