What Is an SBA Express Loan?

An SBA express loan is similar to other SBA loans, only it is extremely limited in use and offer less funding.

Wait, that sounds kind of bad.

Well, it’s an “express” loan for a reason. It’s kind of like a superhighway – you can only go in one direction, and there are only so many stops for you to get off. Unless you want to go somewhere close to where that highway takes you, you’re better off using other roads. But if you do want to go somewhere in the same direction, you’ll get there way faster.

By limiting its usage and approval amount, an SBA express loan can be processed significantly faster than other SBA loans. So if you happen to need less money and what you’re looking for fits within the boundaries of SBA express loans, you can get exactly what you need, but get funded in as little as a couple weeks instead of the 60-90 days it takes for most SBA loans to process. You also get the same benefits of a more standard SBA loan, including banks being more willing to work with you because of minimized risks.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound so bad after all.

See, you’re always so negative. The world is actually rainbows and kitty cats, I promise.

What? You’re the one who’s normally negative!

Eh, chicken or egg.

I don’t think that’s how you use that phrase…

Back to the topic! SBA express loans offer funding from $50,000 to $350,000, and can be used for working capital, equipment, and construction. They also have 10-year terms and are paid back monthly.

So, if you need a loan quickly and want a bank-quality loan without the hassle of applying through a bank, an SBA express loan might be for you. However, if you need a specific type of loan that isn’t covered, or you’re seeking a much smaller or larger amount of financing, you may want to check out the other loans we offer.

That sounds great. Thanks for your help!

See, there you go being negative again.

What? I thanked you!

Yeah, but the subtext was super contrary.