Why Do You Pull Credit?

While credit isn’t everything, it’s one of the many factors that can affect qualifications for some loan products.

But don’t worry, we only do a soft credit pull to start with so you can find out what loan products and rates you will qualify for before you have to do any hard credit pulls.

What’s a soft credit pull? I thought a credit pull was a credit pull?! Is my whole life a lie? What’s next, are you going to tell me Santa Claus isn’t real?

Take a deep breath. One thing at a time.

A soft credit pull differs from a hard credit pull in that it doesn’t affect your credit one bit, but gives us enough information to provide you with relevant options.

Think of it like running your credit through the delicates cycle of your washing machine. You get to see how clean your sensitive items are without damaging anything.

As far as Santa is concerned – well, we’ll let you handle that one on your own.

So you never do a hard credit pull?

Only after you’ve already chosen the loan option or options that you want to pursue. At that time, a hard credit pull may be necessary to receive an offer from our lending partners.

You’re telling me I have nothing to be afraid of?

Not of soft credit pulls affecting your credit, or any hard credit pulls being done until you are happy with your options and ready to move forward.

But spiders, high places, and clowns – those are a different story.