Help Us Fuel the American Dream

Meet Over a Million Small Business Owners

Who are All Looking for a Loan

Many banks, credit unions and other lenders have money to lend to small businesses; the challenge is finding enough qualified borrowers. Lendio can help. Over a million Main Street business owners across the country use Lendio every year to find the right loan for their business.

How much time, money and effort do you spend attracting borrowers who aren’t qualified for your programs? Let us help you focus on qualified borrowers. Lendio is changing the way lenders meet borrowers every day—we can introduce you to exactly the type of borrowers you’re looking for.

Help Us Fuel the American Dream

Banks and Credit Unions

Finding a loan for most business owners today is no longer limited to their community bank’s local footprint. Whether you’re a national bank trying to expand online or a credit union fighting for market share within your local footprint, Lendio offers an efficient, cost-effective solution that provides better loan opportunities for less than traditional advertising & marketing.

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Alternative Lenders

Some borrowers aren’t looking for a traditional loan from a bank or credit union. We help match borrowers with alternative lenders every day. Hundreds of thousands of borrowers are searching online every month for a variety of business loans—including equipment loans, merchant cash advances, factoring loans, peer-to-peer, and other alternative financing options.

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Help Us Fuel the American Dream
Help Us Fuel the American Dream

Over 125,000 Unique Business Owners Visit Lendio Every Month

Are you looking for borrowers with a credit score above 650? Are you targeting borrowers searching for equipment loans—or maybe something else? By zeroing in on the exact borrower profile you’re looking for, we deliver loan applicants that meet your criteria. We won’t waste your time with unqualified candidates.

To submit an application, a business needs to match your requirements. Whenever a business owner completes a profile that meets your qualifications, we’ll notify you. Our Lender Partners receive high-quality loan applicants that are ready to be approved.

High Quality Leads

Would you like to meet qualified business owners for the specific loan types you offer? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll introduce you to borrowers who match your criteria. If you’re looking for borrowers in a particular industry, with more than 2 years in business, or businesses with $100,000+ in annual revenues —whatever you require, you determine the yardstick and we’ll make the introduction.

Measurable ROI

Most traditional bank advertising targets a mass audience and is difficult, if not impossible to measure. There is a better way to meet new borrowers than casting a wide net, hoping to make a big haul. Targeted leads that can be easily tracked through Lendio’s system provide a simple and cost-effective solution for meeting borrowers who are ready, willing and able to become customers.

Expanded Reach

Would you like to expand within your current footprint? Or, are you looking to expand online? Over 125,000 small business owners visit Lendio every month—what’s more, they’re all looking for a loan and anxious to have a relationship with you. Traditional marketing efforts allow some potential customers to slip through the cracks. Let us introduce you to borrowers who are ready and qualified.

Tailored Solution

The right technology makes finding potential customers easier than ever before. reaches over a million small business owners every year—business owners who are actively looking for a loan. Traditional marketing depends too much on timing (being in the right media at the right time) to find potential customers. Let us help you leverage technology to meet motivated borrowers ready for a loan.