How Axis Works

Axis acts as an extension of the lending team and addresses challenges related to high underwriting costs, insufficient risk management resources, and staffing constraints.

Pre-qualifies borrowers

Axis proactively synthesizing applicants’ information to boost loan approval rates.

Assembles full borrower view for enhanced scrutiny

Axis compares borrower-submitted information with pre-validated third-party data for an accurate and comprehensive picture of the small business and its owner.

Autonomously manages small business lending operations

Axis performs the complex application process of analyzing bank transactions, generating cash flow calculations, and streamlining the entire lending operation within minutes and with minimal human oversight.

Applies data science to manage risk*

Axis uses machine learning to analyze loan performance across millions of data points across several years, from an ever-growing population of borrowers, to determine risk scores and optimize pricing.

Applies risk analysis to optimize pricing*

Based on each FI’s cost of capital and allowable interest rates, Axis will automatically calculate a borrower’s risk profile to price each loan competitively. This allows the bank to offer competitive loans while maintaining a targeted return on investment.

*Upcoming feature not available until general release

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