How Axis Works

Axis acts as an extension of the lending team and addresses challenges related to high underwriting costs, insufficient risk management resources, and staffing constraints.

Prospecting for borrowers

  • Provides access a broader market within your charter by being placed on Lendio’s Marketplace– America’s leading cloud-based lending enablement platform for SMB financing which has funded 350-thousand SMB loans worth $13B through its lending partners. 
  • Leverage packaged campaigns-in-a-box for customer acquisition (emails, SMS/text messaging, banners, etc.)
  • Analyzes customer bank transaction data and cash flows to identify missed opportunities for lending
  • Applies bank’s risk rules to prequalify a borrower
  • Generates a pre-qualified loan decision, including suggested maximum loan amount

Underwriting and compliance

  • Goes beyond basic reliance of credit scores to determine likelihood of repayment. Aggregates, reviews and validates information about the borrower and business through external sources of data 
  • Conducts checks on borrower and business background, OFAC list check, bankruptcy, delinquency
  • System generates a “soft offer” (initial offer with range up to a discrete dollar amount) within 15 seconds of receiving the application.
  • Delivers an interactive borrower experience where they can configure the terms of the loan (amount size, duration and frequency)
  • Streamlines and automates processes to deliver a “hard offer”

Closing and boarding

  • Provide lenders with visibility to raw background data and also synthesized insights to help lenders review individual loans
  • Generate closing documents

Re-engagement and refinement

  • Delivers packaged campaigns-in-a-box for re-engaging customers for renewals (emails, SMS/text messaging, etc.) 
  • Data insights regarding markets and trends that may be used to update and enhance risk policies

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