7 Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week #28

Every Friday we list 7 of the best stories we’ve read throughout the week. Most involve something about business or business loans. Sometimes we add something else. Enjoy the stories below and please share something you’ve read this week.

Enjoy the 28th edition of Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week:

    1. Why No Help for True Job Creators?Baltimore Sun — “I am a small business owner. I employ 18 people, all of whom live in and support our local communities. I have always paid their health insurance, which was up 14 percent in 2010 and 22 percent in 2011, but I cannot continue this for much longer …”

    2. Marc Andreesen: Predictions for 2012 (and beyond)CNET — “From where he stands, as the guy who co-founded Netscape Communications and now co-runs the powerful Silicon Valley venture firm Andreessen Horowitz, no industry is safe from software …”

    3. Nod of Approval for Black Lending in ChinaBeijing Review — “Yang Xiaoqiang, professor at the School of Law of Zhongshan University, said when companies need financing, they would first turn to legal financial institutions. China’s stringent money supply guidelines, however, make it difficult to get that financing, especially with commercial banks favoring powerful state-owned enterprises over smaller, less predictable businesses.”

    4. An Internet of People Chris Dixon — “Over the past few years, a bunch of web-based marketplaces have gotten popular – Etsy, Kickstarter, AirBnb, to name a few. Many of these business ideas had been tried before but are succeeding only now …”

    5. 3 Small Business Trends to Look For in 2012NFIB — “Starting or operating a business in an uncertain, start-stop economy can be nerve-wracking. But whether you are looking to make your first sale or your thousandth, here are a few trends—from politics and policy to technology—that are sure to play a role in 2012.”

    6. Richard’s Top 10 Web Products of 2011 — ReadWriteWeb — “This time last year I listed my favorite Web products of 2010. I enjoyed that process so much that I’m doing it again this year. These are products that I liked and used the most during 2011, but I hope my list is useful to others too.”

    7. Payroll-Tax Cut Could Give US Economy Major BoostCNBC — “Economists are cautiously beginning to include an extension of the controversial payroll-tax cut into their economic growth forecasts for 2012, suggesting any move by Congress could be worth as much as a full percentage point of gross domestic product.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you see this week that is worthy of everyone’s eyeballs?

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