7 Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week #42

Eyeball Worthy LinksEvery Friday we list 7 of the best stories we’ve read throughout the week. Most have something to do with small business and getting funding or business loans. Occasionally we’ll add something that’s completely off topic, but this week is a heavy dose of news about small business loans.

Enjoy the stories below and please share something you’ve read this week.

The 42nd edition of Small Business Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week:

    1. Goldilocks and Small Business CreditBloomberg — “The Federal Reserve’s effort to manage small business credit is like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Small business credit can be too hot, with lenders providing too much financing, or it can be too cold, with too little available.”

    2. Small Banks Shift Charters to Avoid U.S. as RegulatorThe New York Times — “An increasing number of the nation’s more than 600 savings and loan associations are fleeing the comptroller’s office as they navigate a shifting regulatory landscape. The Dodd-Frank financial reform law closed their longtime regulator, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and moved them to the comptroller. A few of these institutions are trying to become credit unions, and many others are choosing state oversight. Nationally, 35 have applied to switch from national to state charters since July 2011.”

    3. How The JOBS Act will hurt the startup industry — TNW — “Obama is set to sign into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. This argues that the passing of the JOBS Act will likely to lead to a startup speculative bubble and a subsequent crash (like the dot-com bubble of the late 90s).

    4. Private Equity And Venture Capital Investors: How to Leverage Their Pessimistic ThinkingGrowThink — “Venture capitalists hear tons and tons of business ideas. And when you hear tons of ideas over many years, and see the vast majority of these ideas fail to materialize, you start developing a pessimistic attitude about new ideas.”

    5. Congress Should Pass Bill to Let Credit Unions Lend More So Small Businesses Grow, Create JobsHuffington Post — “There’s no doubt that the banking industry has seen better days, but the current negative perception of large Wall Street banks on the part of consumers and lawmakers is not completely deserved.”

    6. How Some Beat the Odds to Keep Family Businesses HealthyThe New York Times — “For family-owned businesses, the statistics are daunting. According to the Family Business Institute, only about 30 percent survive beyond the founder’s generation, and just 12 percent make it to a third.”

    7. What Tech Entrepreneurs Could Learn from ChamillionaireBoth Sides of the Table — Mark Suster hosted Chamillionaire on This Week in VC and talked about marketing, entrepreneurship, old media and, of course, music. Below is also the video:

Now it’s your turn. What did you see this week that is worthy of everyone’s eyeballs?

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