7 Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week #49

Every Friday we list 7 of the best stories we’ve read throughout the week. Most have something to do with small business, entrepreneurship and getting funding or business loans.

Enjoy the stories below and please share something you’ve read this week.

The 49th edition of Links of the Week:

    1. What’s Eating Entrepreneurs TodayEntrepreneur — “Profitability, passion for the job, balancing work and home life — all are issues taking up the most space in business owners’ minds these days.”

    2. Scamworld: ‘Get rich quick’ schemes mutate into an online monsterThe Verge — Scammers and spammers have become scary sophisticated. This is a fascinating look into how those who have nothing but their own financial gain use technology to take money out of your wallet. It’s a long read, but worthy every word.

    3. Could Spain’s bank woes sink the euro?FOXNews — “Spain has announced it will pour €19 billion into troubled real estate lender Bankia, SA. Even with the €20 billion in aid already dispensed to financial institutions, this may not avert a run on Spanish banks and economic collapse.”

    4. Creating Conditions for Small Businesses to ThriveHuffington Post — “In an economy still reeling from the effects of Wall Street speculation, promoting small businesses is a way to rebuild Main Street with the kinds of enterprises that are accountable to their communities.”

    5. This Week in Small Business: Blame the S.B.A.The New York Times — “During National Small Business Week, the Small Business Administration honors its champions and recognizes top lenders, investment companies and resource partners — and then is beat up by small-business owners.”

    6. Small Business Tips From My FatherHuffington Post — “I’ve met some of the most renowned entrepreneurs and business experts of our day. Some were disappointing in person, while others lived up to their reputation. ”

    7. 6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use ThemFast Company — “Taking a team from ordinary to extraordinary means understanding and embracing the difference between management and leadership.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you see this week that is worthy of everyone’s eyeballs?

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