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What Your Accounting Books Say About You

3 min read • Jun 29, 2020 • Bjolan Holyoak

Everyone approaches their small business books differently. Some are perfectly tabbed, color-coded, and organized, while others show a little more personality. Like any facet of a business or detail in your life, your accounting books can say a lot about you. Are you a Perfectionist? A Digital Wizard? Now’s your chance to find out.

The Traditionalist 

Traditionalists are the embodiment of an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix it mentality. As one, you know what you like and what works. If one were to take a peek at your accounting books and process, they’d likely see large file cabinets full of invoices, tax forms, and physical copies of who-knows-what. You meticulously write and record every detail and business transaction into your leather bound logbook—just as you have for decades.

Similar to the handwritten letters you still send to old friends, your invoices are carefully printed out and delivered to their destinations via snail mail. Your method of accounting—like the old, leather chair you have in your office—is well-worn but reliable.

The Globe Trotter

As a Globe Trotter, travel is your true passion. Your personal social media accounts are full of photos and videos from your most recent adventures, and half of your workday is spent planning your next trip. As a result, your accounting books reflect that passion.

Gas receipts, food expenses, airplane tickets—all of them are saved and listed in your books to use as write-offs during tax season. If there was an award for “Most Travel-Related Business Expenses,” the shelves in your office would be full of them. You go out of your way to bring your business wherever you go and capitalize on each travel opportunity that arises. 

The Perfectionist

To the Perfectionist, accounting is no joke. Whether you do your bookkeeping by hand or digitally, your organization is on point. Expense categories and subcategories are consistently and expertly defined. You rattle off the differences between depreciation and amortization without even thinking about it. You know what you’re doing and look good doing it.

When it comes to small business bookkeeping, you’re in your element and rule that realm with an iron fist. Every receipt, form, and detail are in perfect order—just as they should be.

The Digital Wizard

When it comes to accounting, the Digital Wizards have it figured out. With every aspect of your accounting books living in the digital world, you practically think in binary code. You use digital invoices exclusively, can set up recurring payments in your sleep, and leverage free bookkeeping software to make your job even easier.

If any part of your accounting books or process can be automated, you’ve already done it. You’ve long since realized that bookkeeping shouldn’t be a burden, but a stress-free, user-friendly experience.

The One Who Needs Help

Handling your books can be really intimidating. What happens if you do something wrong? Shouldn’t you have saved that receipt for your expense reports? Are you sure that’s your net income, not your gross? Uh oh.

If your accounting books are in disarray, you’re missing files, and you can’t seem to track down that one invoice you sent that one time to what’s-their-name, it’s probably time to find help. Fortunately, Lendio can make your bookkeeping process a breeze. 

With digital invoices, expense tracking, financial reports, and more, this free bookkeeping software takes the worry out of your workweek. Plus, if you need that extra level of assistance, we offer paid plans that can set you up with a professional bookkeeper who you can reach by phone, text, or email when you need them most. 

Don’t go at it alone. Set up your free account and let the experts at Lendio simplify your small business bookkeeping.


Bjolan Holyoak

Bjolan Holyoak is a small business finance writer based in Utah. As a copywriter for Lendio, he fuels the American Dream by giving small business owners the information they crave. He believes that with the right panache, financial information can be as much of a "breath of fresh air" as a hike in the Utah mountains.