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Here’s How Alyssa Snow Left Her Job In The Financial District To Create A Yoga Studio

Jul 30, 2015 • 1 min read
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      While spending 12 years in New York City’s financial sector, Alyssa Snow asked herself an important question, “What am I contributing to the world?”

      Shortly thereafter, Alyssa left the financial world with a desire to create jobs in her local community and to create a studio for people to feel peace and healing, and Mind Body Soul Yoga studio was born.

      Alyssa’s studio was a bigger success than she had planned for, so she went to a local bank that she had worked with for years to get an expansion loan, with no success. Frustrated, she was reading a Fortune article about Lendio and how they were helping small businesses in her exact situation and decided to give it a try.

      She goes on to explain, “I went online, filled in a few things and I immediately had a call. It was a gentlemen saying, okay, here is your business and here are your options. It was amazing and I’ve never had so many options.”

      “Now that the business is healthier, and I have the opportunity to save money with cash flow, I don’t have to let people go, I’m supported and now can look at what experiences I want to give my children.”

      Alyssa Snow is a mother, foster mother, entrepreneur, and yoga instructor. She’s combined all of the skills she’s learned into running her business, Mind Body Soul Yoga and used Lendio to fuel her American Dream.

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