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10 Best Lendio Podcasts of the Year

Dec 26, 2011 • 6 min read
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      In the last few months we’ve interviewed best-selling authors, successful CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, and business financing experts. They’ve all been excellent interviews, and it really has been a tough choice to limit them to the 10 best. But here they are. Instead of 1-10, we think it should be 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. If you’ve missed one of these below, here’s your chance to put your headphones on and make up for it …

      Willie Jolley

      1. Entrepreneur Addiction #13 — ‘Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks’. This one is at the top spot for multiple reasons: Willie Jolley might be the coolest person on the planet. If you’re not smiling and ready to conquer the world after listening to him, there’s something wrong with you. There’s a reason he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. His infectious optimism (and real-life lessons from helping Ford Motor Company avoid bankruptcy) is exactly what we need as we move into 2012 and try to dig ourselves out of the recession. We also talk a lot about principles in his new book, “Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets For Going Up In Down Times.” Plus, it’s worth listening if only to hear him start it off with a poem.

      Alex Bard

      2. Entrepreneur Addiction #14 — Building a Company to Sell with Assistly CEO. This one has been the most popular show having the most downloads so far. Alex Bard just sold his company to SalesForce for a total of about $80 million, and talks about that experience and how to build a company to sell. He also digs deep into “Pivot Points,” and has great advice for business owners of all types.

      Joe Abraham

      3. Entrepreneur Addiction #5 — ‘It’s in Your DNA’. Earlier this year, Joe published his first book, “Entrepreneurial DNA,” which helps people align their business to their unique strengths. Joe has started more than 25 companies, and has studied thousands of entrepreneurs to understand the types of personalities that create successful businesses. It’s an entertaining and fascinating interview that highlights 4 different entrepreneur personalities, and how each can be successful.

      Brock Blake

      4. Entrepreneur Addiction #6 — ‘Sugar Coating’. This episode starts off on a humorous note, talking about the dumbest ideas that made $millions. But it then turns very personal as Brock Blake, Lendio CEO, talks about his own rocky entrepreneur journey, and how he had to tell his entire staff that he couldn’t make payroll just before the holidays, and how his company escaped that near-death experience. This podcast also dives into getting angel and VC money.

      5. Entrepreneur Addiction #11 — The Zig Zag Principle with Rich Christiansen. From chanting with monks in the Himalayas to “dancing in my tutu,” Rich Christiansen zigzags through this discussion and outlines the quickest road to profitability — which is rarely ever a strait line. Rich has started more than 30 companies. That experience led to writing his newest book “The Zig Zag Principle” which he makes come to life in this interview.

      Rob Basso

      6. Entrepreneur Addiction #15 — The Everyday Entrepreneur. This episode, for whatever reason, seemed to fall below the radar and didn’t get nearly as many downloads as it deserved. Here we talk to Rob Basso about his first book, “The Everyday Entrepreneur.” Rob has built a great resource for business owners in, and is the founder of Advantage Payroll Services, co-creator of BusyFit DVD and founding investor of Empire National Bank. We chat about when to “throw caution to the wind,” how to make your own luck, and the principles of his book, which takes on the vibe of the “Millionaire Next Door.” The stories he tells in this interview will be enough to get anyone off the couch to start their business and make their life more successful.

      7. Entrepreneur Addiction Podcast #9 — Remove the Risk. Jim Beach, author of “School for Startups,” is one of the more entertaining interviews we’ve done. His no-nonsense approach is refreshing and borders on shocking. With everything he says, he seems to have one agenda: removing myths that shackle wanna-be entrepreneurs. For those that are tired of the 9-5, Jim’s commonsense approach outlines why you don’t have to wait anymore to start a business. He busts the myths of creativity, risk and passion that surround entrepreneurship, and gives simple, ideas for starting a low-risk, successful business today.

      8. Entrepreneur Addiction Podcast #3 — ‘Come On, Open the Hose!’ (Bob Coleman Interview). For those die-hard business financing people out there, this is your podcast episode. Bob has probably been THE business lending expert over the last 15-20 years, and knows more about the SBA and other government lending programs than anyone.

      Cydni Tetro

      9. Entrepreneur Addiction Podcast #8 — ‘Not Your Momma’s Marketing’. With the rise of social media, more and more people are trying to figure out how to best generate leads using this fairly new vehicle. We interview Cydni Tetro and Chris Knudsen of SocialPlayz and discuss the best ways to use social media sites to generate qualified leads and sales. This episode provides practical advice business owners and marketers can apply today to make social media more profitable.

      Dave Lavinsky

      10. Entrepreneur Addiction #16 — ‘Start, Grow, Plan, Exit’ with David Lavinsky. Last, but not least, this might be one of the most valuable episodes for those looking to get financing and grow their companies. This goes into detail on crowdfunding and the different options this alternative financing option has for people. We also chat about business plans and why planning for an exit is so crucial. Dave has consulted thousands of business owners on how to start, grow and exit their companies, and provides invaluable information in this interview.

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