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Commercial Truck Financing Tips

Aug 14, 2011 • 2 min read
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      Buying a truck for business purposes is a big expense, one that can make a huge dent on your wallet on any given day. But with the right preparation and planning, purchasing a rig through a commercial truck financing plan is almost always the best route to take. And with so many banks and lending firms out there that offer truck financing programs, the choice is almost limitless.

      But while picking the right bank or lending institution to finance your truck purchase is already a taxing task, you must also put a great deal of effort in picking the right truck for your business. Making the right move and selecting the right truck is imperative. It is hard to get your money’s worth on a bad purchase, which is why looking at your choices meticulously should be a constant. The following are some tips you can employ when you are browsing through your options.

      When buying a commercial truck, or any vehicle for that matter, always make sure that you set a budget and never go past through the ceiling – that point where you can only afford that much. When you set up your budget, there are many things to consider, such as your company’s financial strength, income flow and projections, and expected maintenance costs among other things. The bottom line is that you should only buy what your money can afford.

      Another essential factor in financing a commercial truck is whether you want a brand new rig or a used one. This can be an endless debate and one that can really mess up the whole thing if you pick the wrong one. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A new commercial truck might provide you with the latest features, free from any defects and all that. However, new vehicles depreciate faster. On the other hand, an old rig may need a few repairs here and there and some other costs such as oil change and new tires. But if you happen to land on a decent truck at a low price, you can consider it as jackpot.

      It is highly recommended that you bring a long a mechanic to help you pick the right truck. He can help you with his expertise and insight and his recommendations will prove to be valuable during such times. You just need to make sure he has no ties with the dealership or else you will probably get biased reports.

      If you are gunning for a used commercial truck, it is prudent to check its history through a CARFAX report. While this may sound an additional cost on your end, around $25, this document will give you a detailed history of the vehicle such as ownership, accidents, and modifications.

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