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Content Marketing For Startups: Get the most return with these simple tips

Jan 07, 2014 • 2 min read
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      Money is the one thing that start-ups don’t ever seem to have enough of. Fortunately, there is a way to get the word out about a start-up’s service or product without draining ever-important funds.

      Think about using content marketing to get the most return for your efforts. Content marketing means creating and sharing relevant content that is not only reader-friendly, but will attract, engage, and acquire a clear-cut, target market.

      Creating and sharing content is a great way to promote a start-up as it enables the marketing team (even if the marketing team consists of the same man or woman who does everything from cleaning up at the end of the day to creating the overall concept for the business) a way to utilize the best of social media, search engine optimization, and ads.

      In fact, 9 out of 10 businesses to business start-ups use content marketing as a part of their strategy.

      Here are the top reasons why start-ups should use content marketing:

      1. Show your credibility and expertise in a guest blog post. Look for quality sites read by industry experts and novices alike and see if the site owner will allow for someone on your team to create a guest blog post. This can not only highlight the start-ups services or products, but also shed insight onto why those at the start-up are experts in their field.

      All of this expertise will help potential consumers feel confident in doing business with you.

      2. Content marketing should be chock full of engaging information and content that makes readers want more. It should also be something that can be shared on social media. Keep in mind that content can also have useful links built into it, but the links should be relevant to the topic.

      3. One of the biggest advantages of content marketing is not only does it work, but it is cheaper than virtually any other type of marketing. In fact, it can also save money because of its large potential to reach out and attract so many.

      What are you waiting for?

      If your start-up hasn’t already implemented a content marketing plan then now is the time to get one going. Create blog posts with engaging content and post them on your own social networking sites or blog. Look for other quality sites with a guest blogging policy to see if you can share content with those sites. Always let your own fans know about your presence in the world of social media and always engage in the comment fields on your blog and blogs you follow.

      It takes some work, but in the end content marketing is exceedingly beneficial for start-ups.

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      Dana Rasmussen

      Dana Rasmussen writes about digital marketing, new businesses, and how to manage an online reputation.

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