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Acts of Kindness During COVID-19

5 min read • Apr 06, 2020 • Grant Olsen

There’s rarely been a time that called more for good news than right now. Research from Lendio shows that more than 43% of small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. This struggle is felt most keenly in urban areas, where businesses are twice as likely to report strain.

Overall, 38% of small businesses have seen a drop in revenue. This issue is likely due to a few primary factors:

  • Fewer customers are visiting a physical location
  • Customers are more reluctant to buy
  • Customers have less disposable income

So there’s the grim news. But there is plenty of good news, as well. As Business Insider reports, the pandemic appears to be declining in many of the hardest-hit countries. It is hoped that the United States will follow a similar pattern in the not-so-distant future.

Even as our nation slogs through this crisis, there have been countless acts of kindness on display. It’s worth highlighting these bright moments, as we can all use a pick-me-up. Additionally, they suggest that this challenge is bringing us together, and we’ll be better people when it has passed.

From the People to the People

Many Americans have donated to worthy causes during this difficult time. One such example is GiveDirectly, a nonprofit that delivers cash transfers directly to those who need them. The organization has raised tens of millions recently, which enables them to make a difference by sending money to households across the country.

“For any given budget that you have, when you’re trying to use that money to help people, cash lets those people use the money where needed,” explains Joe Huston, GiveDirectly’s chief financial officer. “Cash helps nonprofits or governments respond with one intervention that meets a lot of different needs.”

What’s most impressive about this scenario is that the ample donations GiveDirectly is receiving are undoubtedly coming from individuals who have also been hurt financially by the pandemic. This type of selfless giving showcases the best of humanity.

Loom Gives Education a Helping Hand

As reported by Education Week, the pandemic has caused about 124,000 schools to close in the United States. This shutdown leaves more than 55 million students without direct access to their teachers.

With schools scrambling to find solutions, a business called Loom generously offered its premium video communication platform at no charge. Now, daily classes are ongoing for K–12 students, and the disruption has been greatly reduced.

The Loom team has even taken the step to make the offer permanent. This plan is crucial because it means that once the pandemic has run its course, and people are struggling to pick up the pieces of their daily lives, schools will still benefit.

Mom Makes Healthy Lunches for Others

An anonymous resident in Maryland is lifting others by setting out bagged lunches each day. Drivers on Arundel Beach Road have been delighted to see the folding table covered with healthy meals.

Attached to the table is a sign announcing that the lunches, which are “made with love by a neighborhood mom in a clean and sanitized kitchen,” are free for anyone who needs them. Each bag contains a sandwich, fruit, and a treat.

“Times are a little bit tough,” said one mother who stopped to get lunches for her children. “I think it’s great everybody is stepping up to help out any way they can. This might not be a good time but it forces everybody to slow down and reevaluate.”

A Tip That Keeps On Giving

The pandemic has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard. At Irma’s Southwest in Houston, two diners left a $9,400 tip after their $90 meal. The generous pair included a note requesting that the money be used to pay the restaurant staff in the coming weeks when the dining room would be closed.

“Our staff was truly amazed and in awe of the gesture,” recalled owner Louis Galvin. “It was so unexpected, and I know it will be a big help for our employees.”

Galvin plans to divide the massive tip among his 30 employees over the next few weeks. This plan means each person will receive about $300 a day, which is an amazing amount from just one tip.

Crocs Hands Out Free Shoes

To support healthcare providers on the front lines of this crisis, Crocs is donating 10,000 pairs of shoes each day. The molded shoes are popular at healthcare facilities because they’re comfortable and easy to wash.

“Over the past week, we have spoken to healthcare workers, their facilities, and even their family and friends, and they have specifically asked for our shoes in an effort to provide ease on their feet, as well as ease of mind as they need the ability to easily clean up before they go home to their families,” explained Andrew Rees, the company’s CEO.

While some of the donated shoes are being delivered directly to hospitals, individual workers can request a pair


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