Everything You Need to Know When Working from Home

Apr 30, 2020

Everything You Need to Know When Working from Home

Over the past decade, more people than ever have set up home offices. The US Census has found more than 5.2% of Americans (8+ million people) work from home, a significant increase from 3.3% in 2000.

In 2020, we’ve seen the number of people working remotely skyrocket because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations across the country moved operations digitally and encouraged capable employees to work from home.

While the current work-from-home movement is out of necessity and perceived temporary, roughly 74% of CFOs surveyed by Gartner believe that at least 5% of their in-office employees will be moved to remote work permanently after the pandemic ends.  

US businesses are adapting to working remotely, and they’re finding value in doing so. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a significant spike in at-home employment even once the economy opens back up.

While working from home is enjoyable for many people, it isn’t always easy. This guide will help you improve your productivity and create a home environment where you can get work done. A few topics covered below include: 

  • Managing employees from your remote office
  • Streamlining communication across your team
  • Setting boundaries between work and home
  • Working from home with a spouse and kids
  • Creating a designated home office
  • The best tools to work from home successfully

Use this work-from-home guide to master your home office environment and develop healthy habits that you can use for years to come. 

About the Author

Derek Miller

Derek Miller

Derek Miller is a writer specializing in entrepreneurship, small business, and digital marketing. His work has featured in sites like Entrepreneur, GoDaddy, Score.org, and StartupCamp. He’s currently the CMO of Smack Apparel, the content guru at Great.com, and a marketing consultant for small businesses.

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