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‘The Mirror Test’ — Entrepreneur Addiction #33 with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Apr 15, 2012 • 3 min read
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      When was the last time you’ve done a real mirror test on you and your company? In this business environment, it’s not enough to operate on the status quo.

      The same old-same old business routine doesn’t get it done anymore. In fact, it’s dragging companies down. Those that don’t continue to innovate in today’s competitive environment will be surpassed by their competitors, or more than likely, an up-and-coming innovative entrepreneur.

      In this interview, Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak and author of The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet, talks about how to face the hard questions that can save any company.

      About the Guest
      Jeffrey Hayzlett is a former Fortune 100 C-Suite Executive, a serial entrepreneur, and a leading business expert. Jeffrey has made multiple media appearances on Fox Business, MSNBC’s Your Business, and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. From small business to international corporations, he puts his extraordinary entrepreneurial skills and creativity into play, launching ventures blending his leadership perspectives, insights into professional development, mass marketing prowess, and affinity for social media. Follow him on twitter at @jeffreyhayzlett

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      • Infested with wildlife
      • Jeffrey’s knee injury
      • The Mirror Test
      • The only person that’s going to help you, is the one facing the mirror
      • Your job is to run the test to see if you’re breathing every day
      • Difference between businesses on Wall St. and businesses on Main St. (it’s not much)
      • What Jeffrey misses from being the CMO at Kodak
      • How to get companies to change
      • Why you should think you look better now than you did 20 years ago
      • Crawl, Walk, Run
      • The danger of complacency
      • Companies that are adapting well today
      • How to be successful in good or bad times
      • Measuring stick to know if you have a good or bad idea
      • When to “Ready, Fire, Aim”
      • Sometimes we get caught up making everything perfect
      • Nobody will die if you make a mistake
      • Fear is the #1 thing that prevents success
      • How to mitigate risk
      • Find mentors who have ‘skin in the game’
      • Are you drinking your own Kool-Aid? Do you believe your own press releases?
      • The Johnny Vegas Syndrome
      • There’s always someone bigger and hotter
      • Blinded by puffing yourself up
      • Power of self reflection
      • Have passion for process instead of product
      • The 3 mirror tests you should take
      • Why are you in your business?
      • What’s the look and feel of your business?
      • What promise are you delivering to your customer?
      • What’s your elevator pitch?
      • 118 seconds to close your customer
      • 8 seconds is a hook
      • 110 seconds average elevator ride in New York City

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