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How Finding Toilets in Paris Improves Your Online Marketing — Entrepreneur Addiction #37 with Lee Odden

May 13, 2012 • 4 min read
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      With 12 billion people searching online, and hundreds of millions on social media, there’s a tremendous opportunity for businesses to grow with the right online campaigns.

      However, in the ever-changing digital world, that’s easier said than done. For many, it’s a frustrating maze that is constantly shifting.

      In this episode, we chat with Lee Odden, author of the new book “Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing,” about how to clear up that maze. Lee is one of the most sought after experts in search engine optimization, social media and content marketing. He outlines steps small businesses can make to increase online performance to reach your true audience and drive sales and customer engagement.

      When you’re done listening, make sure to check out sample chapters of his book at

      About the Guest

      Lee Odden

      Lee Odden is the Author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. He is also the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis based consulting agency specializing in helping Fortune 1000 companies grow brand visibility and sales online through online PR, search, social media, email and content marketing.

      A 15-year veteran internet marketer, he publishes one of the most popular marketing blogs on the web (TopRankBlog) and writes a monthly column for ClickZ called Social Media Smarts. Odden serves on the advisory board for Incisive Media’s SES conference and speaks internationally on the topics of integrated PR, Search, Social Media and Content Marketing.

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      • Introducing the one and only ‘Lee Odden’
      • Short history of search marketing
      • Recipe for SEO
      • There is no silver bullet
      • Where can small businesses begin in online marketing
      • Discovering target audience
      • Delivering relevant content vs. direct selling
      • Identifying customer personas
      • Content that shortens sales cycles
      • Identify your worst customers
      • Ongoing research, testing and monitoring
      • Tools for measurement
      • Why Lee has never hired a salesperson in 11 years
      • Content that solves your customers problems
      • We’re #1 in the #2 business …
      • Does it work for toilet paper?
      • Charmin’s toilet finder app
      • Finding toilets in Paris
      • First steps for business owners to have success online
      • 12 billion people searching on Google every day
      • Basics of Google Adwords
      • Basics of on-page keyword optimization
      • Digging into customers first, then finding the right keywords
      • Ranking #1 for ‘Brain’
      • Top 5 things every business needs to consider in online marketing
      • Content plan
      • Optimize
      • Socialize
      • Monitoring and measurement
      • Refining strategy
      • What’s the first online marketing hire a small business should make?
      • Lee’s favorite thing about working for himself

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