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How To Give Your Employees The Best Holiday Gifts Ever

Nov 24, 2015 • 5 min read
Holiday Gifts for Employees
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      Your employees are the most valuable asset of your organization. To put it bluntly, your success or failure depends on how well your employees perform. The holidays are the perfect time to show your employees that you appreciate the hard work and dedication they put in. And, since this is a once a year occasion, you can make it special and memorable for each of them by giving them the perfect holiday gift.

      Holidays can be one of your most effective recruiting and company culture tools.

      First, talk to your managers. It’s possible to offer personalized gifts to every individual only if you have a small company with a limited number of employees. Even with a larger group, you can design your company culture in such a way that your managers understand the importance of building good relationships with the employees working with them, so they’ll be more in tune to the individual personalities of each employee.

      The bonuses, gifts, and coupons are something that all organizations give out to their people. This holiday season, here are a few tips you can use to add to them and spread some memorable holiday cheer.

      Intangible Gifts

      Show your Employees that They Matter

      Since your employees work at the grass roots level, they are the best source of valuable tips on how you can improve your company operations. Organize an anonymous email or suggestion program at the end of which you’ll have an office party. Read out all the suggestions and discuss each proposal. Commend the viable ones, adopt them, and make your employees feel involved and a part of the company.

      Listen to Your Employees

      You may not realize it, but your workers have many questions and concerns about their job. These concerns can involve their job status in your company, possibilities of a salary bump or promotion, chances of their job becoming redundant, the future vision your business is likely to adopt, and so on. Welcome questions and address your workers’ doubts. This holiday season, you can assure them that their jobs are secure and also advise them of the changes you expect to see in the coming year. If you suspect that the company might face difficulties, it is always advisable to be transparent about them.

      Appreciate Efforts

      Every prudent entrepreneur knows and understands that an employee’s performance cannot always be assessed by the results they display. This is because it is not necessary that every effort culminates in revenue, aka HR and support staff. You can use the office party to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of your employees even if they have not translated into profits for your business. This shows your people that you’re understanding and appreciative, and they will continue to work hard in the future also.

      Tangible Gifts

      Gifts do not have to be very expensive, but if they are thoughtful and in keeping with the employees’ expectations, they can more than make up for cash value.

      Explain Your Intentions

      Experts recommend that when you give out gifts in the holiday season, you let your workers know that they are given out in recognition of their year-long support and not just because it is the norm. Explain that you’ve had a good year because maybe, the company snagged a profitable new project, or earned impressive returns. You might also have exceeded your company’s projected production levels. And, this is why you’re able to give out great gifts. This context is very essential because there’s always a possibility that you may not be able to match them next year.

      Try Something Different

      Sometimes, people like to be surprised. Obviously, if you usually give out bonuses, you should stick to those (watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to see why.) But if you’re looking to do something different, try these ideas:

      • Many employees like cash bonuses. Cash can go a long way into letting people buy what they need. You could give out bonus checks or gift cards.
      • If you intend to announce a raise or a promotion, choose the holidays to let your employees know so they can have a wonderful holiday surprise.
      • There are many workers that like to be given a couple of days off to enjoy the holidays without it being counted in their paid vacations. If you cannot afford the time off, allowing them to work from home also lets them spend more time with their families that they’re sure to appreciate. 
      • Permitting them to work late for a few days before or after the holidays can also help you make up for lost time. This flexibility will actually help your employees attain their expected work goals more easily. You can also expect better efficiency.
      • People love technology, tablets or laptops can be a great gift if your company can afford them.
      • Plan monthly gift boxes that will be delivered regularly to your workers. It could be anything that suits your individual employees’ requirements and interests. They could be beauty products, shaving kits, kitchenware, books, movies, or really anything.
      • Sometimes a special holiday dinner gift card for a nice local restaurant can be the perfect gift.

      Conventional Gifts

      There are always the typical gifts that you could choose and these include warm winter wear such as coats, socks, gloves, and warm blankets. Employees also appreciate food so you could think about holiday turkeys, hams, or steaks. Consider special fruit, luxury chocolate, organic juices, or put together a holiday dinner basket. If you’re thinking of some item with the company’s logo, use it only as an add-on, but not as the primary gift.

      A Simple Thank You Suffices

      The best way to show your appreciation is to say, “Thank you!” and mean it. Hand out notes along with the gifts with a warm smile and a handshake. The way you treat your employees will be remembered and cherished long after the gifts are used up and gone.

      What kind of gifts have you given at your company?

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