The 2020 Guide to Nailing Online Sales This Holiday Season

Nov 20, 2020

The 2020 Guide to Nailing Online Sales This Holiday Season

You thought last year’s holiday season was intense? Well, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 8 months (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now), then you know to expect the unexpected in 2020.

Regardless of what happens this holiday season, it’s clear we’re not going to see good ol’ mile-long lines, door-busting sales (good riddance), or pre-Black Friday campouts. In fact, many major retailers plan to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving Day. Target even kickstarted their Black Friday sales in October to “stretch out the savings” and the crowds.

Black Friday was already transforming into Cyber Friday, and now it looks destined to become Cyber November.

However, small businesses need this holiday season. According to VISA, nearly 70% of small businesses see the winter holiday as the most important sales opportunity for their businesses. COVID-19 put a real damper on summer sales, and companies must now fight until December 31 to hopefully turn a profit (or at least marginalize their losses).

“It can’t be exaggerated how important it is,” says Jeff Rosenblum, cofounder of digital marketing agency Questus. “In just a few days, many brands and small businesses can sell as much as they do the rest of the year combined.”

Salesforce predicts online sales will grow by 30% this year, while 60% of Americans plan to do the majority of their shopping with local businesses—that sounds like a delicious recipe for small business success.

Small businesses must adapt to 2020’s demands to succeed this holiday season, and that means going digital. Fail to nail your online sales and you’re bound to dig deeper and deeper into the black hole of 2020. Get it right, and you could waltz into the new year with a happy, healthy business.

Let’s teach you how to dance digitally.

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