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Lendio Named A Best Lender Comparison Site By Forbes Advisor

Feb 14, 2022 • 2 min read
best small business loan comparison site
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      Regardless of what you’re shopping for, the internet gives you the power to find the deal and the products that are right for you. That goes for small business loans and financing, too. You want to know your options, which means you’ll want to shop around, but you also want your answers quickly because you still have a business to run.

      Your situation is exactly what we had in mind when we launched Lendio back in 2011. We built a marketplace that enables small business owners to spend as little time as possible searching and more time evaluating and sizing up their financing options. It’s an approach that puts small business in control without the time commitment that might otherwise be required.

      Apparently, Forbes Advisor likes our solution, too: they’ve named Lendio a Best Small Business Loan Of 2022, with the unique accolade of “Best for a Lender Comparison” site.

      We couldn’t be more honored to make the trusted news source’s list and to match small businesses with the right financing options and solutions.

      If you’re not familiar with how Lendio works, here’s the rundown: you complete a short 15-minute application. You’ll gather some information about your business and will want to have access to your bank statements from the past few months to speed up the process. Lendio then matches the information you provided — everything from how much you want to borrow to how you intend to use the funds — with the funding options available to you and your unique situation, whether you’re buying equipment, acquiring a competitor, adding a second location, fixing the taco truck, or just want to access a line of credit if needed. BTW, perfect credit isn’t a requirement, and “seeing what’s available” doesn’t impact your credit.

      Once you see your options, you’re paired with a personal funding manager who can answer questions, help you size up options, and guide you through the rest of the process.

      Our mission at Lendio is to fuel the American dream, and we do this by helping small business owners get the financing they need, which is why we work with more than 75 lenders, who provide over 10 different financing options—and it all starts with that single, simple application. When you’re ready to see what’s available for your business, you can get started here.

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