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Lendio Podcast Feeds the ‘Entrepreneur Addiction’ by Helping Business Owners Get Capital

Aug 26, 2011 • 2 min read
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      Lendio’s podcast titled “Entrepreneur Addiction” helps solve the economic crisis by giving business owners the knowledge and tools to secure capital to grow their business, hire employees, buy equipment and expand inventory.

      SALT LAKE CITY — Lendio will broadcast its first podcast titled “Entrepreneur Addiction,” on Monday, Aug. 29, which focuses on helping small business owners secure more capital. Listeners can tune in to the weekly podcast every Monday on the Lendio blog.

      “Much of this country’s economic problems could be solved if more small businesses have access to the right capital,” said Brock Blake, Lendio CEO. “We’ll be diving deep into business financing that will help people understand their many options, and how they can secure badly needed funding through banks, credit unions, investors and other alternative lenders.”

      At a recent conference in Buffalo, New York, Robert G. Wilmers, M&T Bank Chairman and CEO, echoed Blake’s statements.

      “Helping small-business owners receive the capital they need to open their doors, build inventory and hire workers is how banks and the SBA can come together to solve the most important economic challenge of the day,” Wilmers said.

      Patrick Wiscombe, owner of the Patrick Podcast Network, will host the show. It will feature Blake and interviews of many well-known entrepreneur personalities. The podcast will focus on how business owners can overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. Much of which will provide the steps to take and the ways to prepare to obtain funding.

      “A lot of times, those challenges are surrounded around capital to start or grow a business,” Blake said. “There are thousands of lenders out there, each with a different loan product and different set of qualifications. Our goal for this podcast is to create a personal message for each listener to become educated on how to get capital to run your business, hire employees, buy equipment or expand inventory.”

      “I think people should listen to a podcast about money so they can make smarter financial decisions,” Wiscombe said. “I think they would be genuinely surprised at the number of financial tools available to them if they just listen.”

      In the end, the podcast is not just about money. It’s about fixing the economy by giving small business owners the information they need to grow in today’s economic world.

      “At the end of the day, if you talk about the economy and jobs, it’s small business loans that really drives this economy so we have to make it easier for banks to do loans and for borrowers to get loans,” Blake said.

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