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How Lendio’s Local Offices Make Financing Easier

Jul 20, 2021 • 4 min read
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      Your community is different from any other in America. It’s true that most places have grocery stores, schools, and a post office. And just about all of them have swimming pools, parks, and trails. But there’s only 1 town or city in the entire country with the exact people and culture of your community. And the unique feeling there truly sets you apart from the rest.

      Given these powerful local dynamics, it’s important to collaborate with others in your community whenever possible. Perhaps your insurance salesperson is from your town. And you probably go to a nearby doctor whenever possible. There’s obviously an added convenience when you work with people in your community. But don’t forget the additional benefits of keeping the tax dollars in your area and working with someone who might understand you a bit better than a stranger on the other side of the country.

      Lendio understands these factors and is proud to offer you the opportunity to work with an office in your region. When you partner with our local representatives, you’ll get a more hands-on experience. Because you’re closer to the office, you’ll also be closer to the answers and resources you need.

      Each of these local representatives is a small business owner just like you, so they understand the passion that drives your goals as well as the challenges you’re facing. Most importantly, they have access to a wide range of financing options that can deliver much-needed cash to your small business.

      Did you know that banks reject 80% of small business loan applicants? That stunning statistic adds up to a lot of doors slamming in a lot of faces. We find that unacceptable and are committed to providing as many options as possible, not rejections.

      Our nationwide efforts are making a difference for small business owners. We’ve funded more than $12 billion in total loans. In order to connect small business owners with all that cash, our representatives have funded more than 300,000 loans. These are huge numbers, but they’re nowhere near as big as the dreams that our borrowers approach us with.

      One of the key elements of our ability to provide financing options is the fact that we partner with the best in the business in order to help the best in small business. PayPal, Bank of America, American Express, Chase Bank, American Express Business Blueprint, OnDeck, and many others are all part of our vast network. Because we work with more than 75 lenders, you have the benefit of choosing from more options, which leads to the highest chance of success.

      We know you have big ambitions—nobody gets into entrepreneurship if they don’t. Our mission is to help fuel your American dream by connecting you with the right lender for the right loan at the right time. Some of our most popular products include:

      Our experts will help you review the various loan products and make the best choice. Because our local representatives are small business owners, they’ll have the empathy and insights needed to get you on the road to success. Whether you’re looking to build a business from the ground up or buy into a franchise, hire new employees or purchase crucial equipment, expand your office space or relocate somewhere new, we can provide the support to get you there.

      Make no mistake—your success is an important element of our nation’s economic health. Large corporations often get the headlines, but they’re not the heart of our economy. Small businesses represent the vast majority of businesses in the United States, and they are the job-creating, product-moving, lifeline-providing, community-growing engines that will help us rise out of struggles and find a better tomorrow.

      This is a great time to connect with the representative in your area and find out exactly what we can do for you.

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