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Why You Should Make Time for a Vacation

Sep 29, 2016 • 4 min read
Taking a Break from your Small Business
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      As an entrepreneur, the idea of a vacation may almost seem laughable with how much there always is to get done.

      As much as you want your business to be the best it possibly can, it’s also incredibly important – not just for you but for your business – to take time away from the office and go on a vacation. Taking time off helps you to recalibrate and can free up your mind for creative ideas to emerge. Here are some of the most important reason you should make taking a vacation a priority in your life.

      Your Health Improves

      Running a small business can be extremely stressful and not leave much time for YOU. With so many constant worries plaguing your every thought, the ability to completely disconnect will do you a world of good both physically and emotionally. There have been several studies done that actually link regular vacations to reduced risk for heart disease, depression, and other ailments.

      It Keeps You Happy

      Working day in and day out with absolutely no break can become tedious and monotonous. When was the last time you did something you loved that wasn’t work related? Think of how fun or relaxing it was. Maybe you like to stay in a secluded cabin in the mountains or lay out on the beach. Whatever your escape of choice is, seek it out and follow through. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running again.


      You’ll Boost Your Productivity at Work

      This may sound counterintuitive because after all, you’d be taking time away from work, right? But those who take regular vacations report an 82% increase in job performance post-trip. This however, is not achieved simply through 1-2 days off, but a full 1-2 weeks of vacation. So even though an extended weekend may seem more doable, do all you can to make time for a true vacation.

      It Sets an Example

      If you have any employees under you, by taking a vacation yourself it sets the tone for your employees. If they see that you never take vacations, they will be far more hesitant to even ask for time off, which can result in added stress and anxiety on their part, which can reduce your overall business productivity levels. Imagine if not only you but your entire team experienced an 82% increase in job performance! As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you are the one who is setting the example for your employees and team, so make sure to show them that it is okay to take time off for a little rest and relaxation.

      It Helps Employees Learn to be Leaders

      When you aren’t there, it gives your team a chance to shine and show what they are made of. Without you there to direct every action, it requires them to be more confident, more assertive, and become more comfortable in a leadership position. Taking a vacation may even be a great time to test someone you suspect would be a great second in command. Alternatively, someone completely unsuspecting could surprise the heck out of you with their hard work and dedication to your business while you were away.

      The key to this though is to realize that you may not know the full capacity of your employees’ strength unless you dedicate some of your own time for a personal vacation. This means that you are completely detached from your business so those on your team can step up to the plate and show you what they’re made of.


      It Shows Your Loved Ones That You Care About More Than Work

      When work gets busy and stressful, it can be very easy to isolate yourself in your work bubble and forget about everything else around you until the crisis at hand is solved or the months-long project is completed. But when is the last time you’ve spent quality time with your loved ones or gone on a vacation together?

      Whether you have a spouse, significant other, children, or you’re very close with siblings or parents, when is the last time you carved out time for those relationships? By agreeing to take a break from work and spend time with the ones you love, it helps you to strengthen those ties and show them that you care about them individually and will still be there for them. Make sure to take time NOW before they give up on trying to connect with you.

      So there you have it. The perfect excuse for actually setting aside time for a full-blown vacation. You’ll improve your own personal health and well-being, your creative juices will flow, and you’ll increase productivity. You may even return to discover a fantastic new leader that has emerged on your team. Put it to the test and let us know your results!

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      Marisa Smith is a small business writer. She enjoys creating content that inspires small business owners to find new methods and techniques to improve their business operations.

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