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Get to Know Our Services: Dedicated Bookkeeping

Feb 22, 2021 • 5 min read
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      Bookkeeping is an essential process for any business owner. If you have invoices coming in and expenses going out, then you need to keep these transactions organized to maintain a clear picture of your professional finances. Many companies rely on bookkeepers to report on cash flow and provide insight into the company’s productivity. 

      If you don’t have an accounting background, you might want to find dedicated bookkeeping services to help manage this vital business process. At Lendio, we offer free bookkeeping with our self-service software, as well as paid bookkeeping assistance. 

      What Does a Free Subscription Cover?

      Our free self-service software was made for small business owners who can manage their bookkeeping but want digital tools to simplify the process. Our free option is ideal for small businesses and young companies with sustainable growth. It’s also a great option for freelancers who need a clear and organized solution for managing invoices and expenses.

      A few of our self-service option’s top features include:

      • The ability to import your transactions manually or automatically for easy management 
      • Income and expense management for better financial clarity
      • Invoice creation and management—so you know what’s outstanding and what’s been paid 
      • Access to online and mobile payment options with WePay to bring your business digital 

      While our self-service tool is useful for many small business owners, some people need more advanced features or personalized bookkeeping help—and this is when we recommend investing in our paid subscription services. 

      What Does a Lendio Paid Bookkeeping Subscription Cover?

      With a paid subscription, our bookkeepers can organize your ledger and put together a variety of financial documents and reports. Our team is proud to offer comprehensive bookkeeping services. 

      A few of the major accounting reports that we create include: 

      Our experts also go through the process of categorization (which takes time to review and sort expenses and invoices) and can balance credit cards, bank accounts, checkbooks, receipts, and payroll. 

      Let us do the work of sorting and organizing your records so you can focus on interpreting this information and making better strategic decisions for your business. 

      What Are Some Added Benefits?

      Along with our comprehensive services, there are some additional benefits to working with Lendio over other bookkeeping firms. First, you will have a single point of contact to answer all of your questions. This bookkeeper is here to help you as often as you need.

      While you’ll have a dedicated representative, there will also be a set team assigned to review your account. This provides a second opportunity to catch errors, ensuring your documents are correct. 

      We offer a digital solution for business owners to manage their books, but we back up our software system with personalized customer service and dedicated individuals ready to help you. They can guide you through your reporting documents and help you to learn about basic bookkeeping as your business grows. 

      What Is Excluded?

      At Lendio, we strive to offer the best services possible to our customers. However, there are some tasks related to your finances and business that we cannot cover. 

      First, our bookkeepers are not accountants or financial advisors. We cannot guide you to make financial decisions. (To learn more, get to know the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant.)

      We do not offer tax preparation. While we can get you the documents you need, we don’t handle any tax filing or reporting. We also don’t address any human resource issues (like IRA advisement or benefits distribution) or legal issues. By focusing only on bookkeeping, our team is able to offer expert service to your business.

      Understanding Our Pricing

      If you’re considering investing in paid bookkeeping services, you should get to know our pricing tiers so you can know which management size is right for you. 

      At Lendio, we don’t limit features for higher-tier plans. We believe everyone should have access to our services and only charge you for the number of transactions you use. Simply put: the more transactions your business has, the longer it takes our bookkeepers to sort through them, which is why we charge more. This also means your transactions correlate to the size of your business, so you aren’t paying for something you aren’t using. 

      We offer 3 different tiers for our paid subscribers:

      • For $149/month, we can process up to 120 transactions per month.
      • For $299/month, we can process up to 200 transactions per month.
      • For $499/month, we can process up to 500 transactions per month.

      We also offer customizable “catch-up” plans if you have a backlog of invoices and expenses that need to be sorted. Our team will help you sort your bookkeeping so you have a clear system moving forward. 

      What Do You Need to Get Started?

      Once you’ve paid for your subscription (or signed up for the free option), you can start developing your account. We recommend spending the first 30 days of your subscription on onboarding. This is when our team is still learning about your business and catching up on financial reporting. We work hard to hit this 30-day deadline and set a goal to deliver the first period of transactions in these 30 days. 

      Once your business is fully onboarded, you can focus on regular maintenance and enjoy running a business with good bookkeeping practices. 

      Try Our Bookkeeping Service Today

      You don’t need to be an expert bookkeeper to run a business. Save yourself the time and frustration of managing your financial transactions by handing them off to our team. This process is fully digital—and you can enjoy a clean dashboard to understand the financial state of your business.

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