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Planning Out Your Social Media Campaign

By Ross McGarvey
Feb 05, 2014 • 2 min read
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      Now that we’re a month into the New Year and people (theoretically) are looking to get their Q1 marketing underway, here’s a question; what are your plans for your Social Media?

      In speaking with different clients over recent weeks, some have been highly organized with a clear strategy in place whilst others have met me with an awkward laugh and admitted that the marketing plan they had in place didn’t include a social media strategy.

      It is hard to emphasize enough the importance of carefully planning and strategizing in advance in order to market through social media effectively.  Just like you would take the time to create a plan for your quarterly finances, it is essential that carefully think through online presence and make plans accordingly.

      Main points to consider when putting together your business’ social media strategy include…


      Budget you say, but I thought utilizing social media was free?  Although the whole process is essentially costless (beyond the time you spend using it) there are a number of options to consider when it comes to doing sponsored ads, particularly on Facebook.  For very little cost, think as low as $5, you can target your ideal demographic and have content you create appear in their newsfeed.  This is a great way to reach potential customers, as you can choose whom to target based on gender, location, age, language spoken and specific interests.


      Messaging is possibly the most important part of creating a social strategy.  Before you begin posting online, remember that everything you say will reflect directly on your organization. Because of this it is essential to choose a ‘voice’ or tone that will be used consistently throughout your campaign.  It’s okay to go for an informal tone and even to make jokes, but whatever ‘voice’ you decide to use, make sure it is in keeping with the kind of business you are and that it promotes the right image and persona.


      Consistency is key in many aspects of life, but especially when it comes to creating a credible online presence. Posting fresh content with frequency not only reminds your clients that you exist, but builds a relationship of trust as they get value from the information (or entertainment) that you provide.


      How do you build relationships in the non-virtual world? By talking to people! It’s the same online, conversing with your clients through Facebook posts, tweeting or even commenting on their Instagram pictures builds a personal connection that leads to loyalty and trust. So take the time and interact, it will pay off tenfold!

      What’s your Social Strategy looking like? What internet marketing route are you taking up? Tell us in the comments below

      Ross McGarvey
      About the author
      Ross McGarvey

      Ross McGarvey is the founder of Avant8, a consulting, marketing, and design firm with expertise in branding, marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and design.

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