Entrepreneur Addiction #24: How to Get Local Media Coverage – Part 1

1 min read • Feb 12, 2012 • Dan Bischoff

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Local media coverage is a low-hanging fruit opportunity for many small businesses. We sat down with Pat Parkinson, a veteran newspaper reporter and current Director of PR at PRMarketing.com, and discuss how to land stories in local newspapers, radio and TV stations.

He has unique insight into how the media does things, and has great advice for any small business looking to get some publicity. Also, download Pat’s eBook “16 Public Relations Pitfalls.”

Our conversation ran a bit long so we broke it up into 2 parts. Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones, and enjoy Part 1:

Highlights of ‘How to Get Local Media Coverage — Part 1’

  • How to think like a journalist
  • Media opportunities for small businesses
  • Tips on getting local radio, newspaper and TV coverage
  • Becoming an industry expert
  • Timely, relevant and unique
  • Turning national events into local stories involving your biz
  • Getting ahead of angles
  • Developing stories for local audience
  • Being media savvy
  • Goats in the office
  • Create sound, photo and video opportunity
  • The value of local media
  • ROI of media placement?
  • Earned vs paid media
  • State of media
  • How to find a newsworthy topic
  • Be agile; attack the unique, relevant angle
  • GoDaddy shooting elephants

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Dan Bischoff