How to Get Local Media Coverage (Part 2) — Entrepreneur Addiction #26

2 min read • Feb 26, 2012 • Dan Bischoff

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Today’s show is the second part of “How to Get Local Media Coverage” with veteran reporter, Pat Parkinson from Click here to listen to the first part of our interview.

Pat has unique insight into how the media works, and has great advice for any small business looking to get some publicity. be sure to also download Pat’s eBook, “16 Public Relations Pitfalls.”

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones, and enjoy Part 2:

Highlights of How to get Media Attention Part 2

  • Don’t be a mouth breather
  • How to prepare your pitch to the media
  • Pitching without a press release
  • The power of brevity
  • Become a media company
  • Send emails to the right person
  • Test the waters
  • Subject lines for reporters
  • Be persistent
  • Create the right, timely story
  • Monitor it, build relationships
  • Tap every opportunity
  • Be informed about current events
  • Don’t ‘not know’ major media outlets

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Dan Bischoff