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Reasons Every Business Should Embrace Social Media

Aug 20, 2013 • 4 min read
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      Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.37.32 PMIs it true that every business, regardless of size, should be setting up a social media presence in this day and age? Well, there’s a caveat here. The simple answer is an emphatic yes, but an exception to the rule would be a business that’s already established. For instance, a brand like McDonald’s or Nike doesn’t need to be on Facebook or other social media pages to increase their business, but they still realize that being there is increasing their business.

      For a smaller brand or even for a large company that’s just starting out, joining up with the Facebooks and Twitters of the world will put you in prime position to capitalize on the still-growing trend of social media. By the time the mobile market takes over the home computer market in terms of users, all companies are going to wish they were branding via social media.

      When it comes to social media for business, the benefits of marketing via social networking sites are just too plentiful not to take full advantage. And while the list could go on for a long time, filling up an encyclopedia volume, here are just a few of the great points to consider if you’re still up in the air about whether or not to create a social presence.

      Definitive Points Pertaining to Social Media and Branding

      • Low-Cost Advertising: The most exposure you’ll get with real-world advertising comes by way of radio and television advertising, or perhaps an ad in a popular paper or magazine with a broad readership. This type of advertising is very expensive and is still a scatter-shot approach, whereby 90% or more of those reading the advertisement aren’t really interested in your business. With social advertising, not only does it cost less to reach more, but you can specifically tailor your materials to a targeted market.
      • One Billion Reasons: Yeah. Facebook alone has one billion users. Which TV network or radio station can claim that? What other social website can claim even close to that? And when you look at social networking as a whole, we’re talking billions – plural. It’s an incredibly vast medium here. You’re basically advertising to the world.
      • Massive Potential: The potential here is limitless, due to a wide range of factors on any specific site. Facebook, for example, has different promoted post options, a range of demographics to select, searching features to help you gather data, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With a consistent range of new features to help increase the efficiency of your campaign targeting, social media for business becomes a no-brainer.
      • Exploiting the Mobile Market: As mentioned above, the mobile market is going to overtake the home computer market. This means that the bulk of Internet surfers will be browsing while on the go via mobile devices. And mobile users just love to flock to social networking sites. You can use social networking to cater specifically to mobile markets, even individual users, to increase engagement and to reel customers in.
      • Ease of Marketing: Creating and operating a successful social media campaign doesn’t have to be a difficult prospect. Not only is there a lot of literature out there giving you solid tips and step-by-step guides to marketing, but you can also find some great third-party apps that make creating and managing ads a walk in the park.
      • Network Integration: Social networking sites and larger networks like Google are taking it upon themselves to make the social aspect of the Internet the biggest trend around. For instance, when you visit the average blog out there, you may notice buttons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, and other social sites. Using this method, you can tie together your own network and drive traffic to and from many locations across the web.

      Although you may not have to participate in social networking in order to achieve success, the odds suggest that you’re much better off doing so. The size of your business doesn’t matter, nor does the product or service you’re offering. What matters is that you’re able to compete on equal footing with the competition while trying to get a leg up. Social networking allows you to do this for less money and less effort than traditional advertising.

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      Email AttachmentCraig-Robinson-of-Qwaya-150x150Craig Robinson is a social media enthusiast and online writer for a Facebook ad campaign tool – Qwaya, The Company also provides extensive information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing strategies and latest trends, most specifically on Facebook for Business.

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