In our digital age, data is the new currency.  Knowing your customers’ history, what they are buying now, and how they will act in the future is critical information for your small business, no matter what field your company is in. It isn’t just big Silicon Valley companies or Wall Street firms that can use data to reach new heights—data can help your small business, too.

To be savvy, small business owners should keep abreast of changing customer demographics, industry trends, and marketing developments. You should also keep an eye on the wider global economy and how the political environment could impact your revenues, including how the always-complex United States tax code changes year-to-year.

Here you will find Lendio’s deep well of reports, data, and analysis. Lendio regularly analyzes data on small business trends, broader economic forecasts, and small business owner behavioral tendencies. Because small business owners are so dear to us, we want to share this information with you.

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