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The Role of a Business Manager

By Greg Glebe
Feb 26, 2013 • 2 min read
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      The ultimate goal of any business manager, and of any employee for that matter, is to help the business succeed. But what are the other roles and responsibilities of a business manager? Let’s take a look at a few different views and business manager job descriptions.

      According to, “Business managers direct the talent and resources within an organization to advance strategic business goals.” In other words, some of the responsibilities of a business manager include strategic planning and decision making.

      And, according to, “Business managers assist companies in reaching goals and objectives related to sales, productivity, profitability and industry penetration, among other areas,” meaning business managers are in charge of a lot of different areas in a business setting.

      While these views and perspectives are insightful and helpful, sometimes it helps even more to hear personal statements, experiences, and views from those who have experience in said position.

      I started my business by designing and building display products in my parent’s basement and my business has grown into a full blown company that designs and builds custom pedestals, trade show displays, and art pedestals. Though I would not call myself a know-it-all business manager, I have learned a few things over the last 30 years that may be helpful to others.

      My role as a business manager is to keep a close pulse on the psychic energy of every person in my company. I know and care about each person I work with. While I may not look them up on weekends, I look for the goodness in them and try to bring that out. Cultivating creativity, mindfulness, personal growth, and kindness matter more than anything.

      Great people who feel safe to initiate change are the best a person could ask for.

      Bringing out that greatness is a manager’s challenge. I am constantly amazed at what people can come up with if they are not afraid to make a mistake. “Let’s Try It!” is the mantra I live by.

      Because I am currently immersed in a radical growth and change period in my business, I’m far more involved than a typical CEO might be. We are adapting LEAN manufacturing principles on an immersion basis and my current role is to drive these changes from the ground up and the top down. It’s the only way to get the entire team on board.

      Walking around in a squeaky clean suit and telling the guys what to do seems entirely inauthentic. Authenticity is a foundational principle for any business manager. I think another managing duty is to get involved. I go to work to actually get my hands cut, cracked, stained, and dirty; just like everyone else I work with. If you are not involved, how are you going to know how well you, or your employees, or your business is doing?

      You cannot be a cookie cutter business manager and expect to have innovative and hard-working employees. You need to think outside the box, be creative, and get involved.

      Greg Glebe
      About the author
      Greg Glebe

      Greg Glebe is the founder and CEO of Pedestal Source. Greg started his company in the basement of his parent’s home, where he spent hours on hours building wood projects. He now has 30 years of hands-on experience with design, engineering and construction of furniture, widgets, manufacturing equipment, and more.

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