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See How Lendio Helped An Italian Restaurant in Wisconsin Get A Small Business Loan

Aug 28, 2015 • 2 min read
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      Lisa Pajac was working as a civilian for the Navy, stationed in Italy managing a bowling complex. When the government shutdown limited the amount of hours she could work, she realized it was time for a change. Her father helped her find a restaurant for sale in Hayward, Wisconsin, and they both knew it was the one. Her and her husband, Rick, researched the area and developed a thorough business plan that they referred to many times during the start-up process. Using her retirement funds and a loan from the bank, she bought the business and started Italia.

      plateLisa had received a loan to cover her mortgage and her operating costs, along with several other loans to improve and run the restaurant. When she wanted to consolidate all these loans and perform some building repairs, she went to several different lending companies, one of which nearly ruined her credit score by pulling her credit multiple times. Without the repairs, her restaurant would be in dire straits.

      One day, Lisa was looking for capital funding companies online and found Lendio. After signing up through Lendio’s easy online portal, she was matched with Jon Klevin, her loan specialist. “I loved Lendio, when I had to submit documents, it was frustrating, but they walked me through the whole thing. Jon Klevin was fantastic, he was helpful through the whole process, and very encouraging. I would absolutely recommend Lendio to a friend” Lendio was able to get her a loan to cover the cost of the repair and consolidate her loans.interior

      Now, Lisa’s restaurant continues to flourish. “We’ve made such a difference here in Hayward, there is no Italian restaurant in a 100 mile radius. People come from Chicago, Milwaukee, all around. They’ve been waiting for something like this, and that’s what keeps us going: making these people happy, every single day.”

      You can find Lisa’s restaurant at To get started with Lendio, click here to see all of your small business loan options.


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