Mar 21, 2019

Is Credit Card Interest Deductible for Small Businesses?

Yes, credit card interest is deductible for businesses. But with recent changes, how much you can deduct has changed.

Is Business Credit Card Interest Deductible for Small Businesses?

Credit cards are a great tool that many businesses use to keep themselves running. If you don’t pay your balances in full at the end of each billing cycle, you’ll probably end up paying some interest.

The long answer to whether or not you can deduct credit card interest on your taxes depends on the situation. Let’s take a quick look at when you can write off your business credit card interest:

Remember to keep your credit card statements and receipts to smooth the process of filing your small business tax returns. The IRS provides a host of resources to help you understand this process better, but in some cases, it may be a good idea to hire a qualified professional to do your taxes.

When is Your Business Credit Card Interest Not Tax Deductible?

One reason to opt for a business credit card rather than using a personal credit card for your business is that interest on a personal credit card isn’t usually tax deductible. Unless you can separate expenses from personal ones on your personal credit card, it can be hard to write off the interest.

Additionally, how much interest you can deduct has changed with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. When you file your taxes, businesses can only deduct up to 30% of their interest payments.

How to Make Claiming Credit Card Interest Easier

Claiming credit card interest on your taxes might sound difficult. Here are some steps to make it easier for you:

Small business tax deductions can add up to a significant amount of money back in your pocket each year. Remember that hiring a professional can help you maximize your tax return so that you can continue investing in your business.

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