Apr 05, 2019

The Not-So-Obvious Fundamentals of Fintech Partnerships

This article first appeared in Banking Exchange.

As the financial services industry continues to traverse a changing landscape, companies both old and new are considering how best to compete. Behemoths such as Google and Apple are fundamentally changing the way consumers spend, and tech giants are on the path to make today’s financial ecosystem unrecognizable.

While fintech companies have served as innovators and highly agile boundary pushers, the looming threat of tech titans moving into financial services has some fintechs feeling a newfound pressure to keep pace. For many, this means increasing collaboration through smart partnerships that ensure both companies’ long-term viability. Rather than being at odds with one another, fintech companies and traditional financial institutions are both reaping the benefits of working together to retain and grow their market share. Read More

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About the author

Denada Ramnishta
Denada Ramnishta

Denada Ramnishta is head of business development and partnerships at Lendio, the largest small business financing marketplace in the U.S. As a fintech executive, Denada has led strategic partnerships with U.S. and international corporations, executing business strategies across borders and under challenging market conditions. Prior to her role at Lendio, she negotiated and managed partnerships for American Express’ non-card lending division. A native of Albania, Denada received an MBA from Columbia Business School. She resides in New York and is a proud mother of two.


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