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3 Habits that Can Help You Get Approved for More Business Financing

3 min read • Jan 25, 2019 • Headway Capital

It’s never possible to predict all of life’s surprises, and operating a small business is no exception. An unexpected bill or fee can have catastrophic consequences if you’re not prepared. Thankfully, access to fast loans can help you out of the red and get your small business back on track.

When you do find yourself in need of funding, the first step is understanding your options . How you operate your business actually determines the type of financing available to you as well as its terms. Some successful small business owners use business financing to their advantage in order to grow and expand their businesses. Read on to learn about three habits that can help you secure more business financing in the future.  

1. Understand Your Business Credit Score

Your business credit rating has a major impact on securing business financing. Small business owners with good business credit can be approved for higher loan amounts as well as more financing options. If your business’ debt is out of control and you can’t pay bills on time, you may have a hard time finding a lender who will extend you a loan. Aim to pay accounts and lenders early, and try to work with parties that report payments to the major credit reporting bureaus. Be vigilant about what’s on your business credit report, and try to have any existing negative marks removed.   

2. Set Up Regular Processes to Maintain Proper Cash Flow

You’ll need a steady stream of income to ensure your bills are paid on time, including the business loan. Lenders will be wary of extending loans to businesses that don’t have a reliable cash flow. Without creating an organized administrative process for your small business, it’s easy to forget bills and lose track of important dates. Small business owners with properly managed cash flow are more prepared to deal with unexpected expenses or plan for the future. Whether you need to adjust your payment terms or cut back on inventory, maintaining a positive cash flow is important to be able to secure business financing.

3. Use Debt Carefully

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any debt; using credit properly and making on-time payments shows lenders that you’re careful with money and can be capable of handling another loan. Responsibly taking on business financing and repaying it on time not only builds good business credit and shows good judgment, but you’ll have more options and better offers down the line. Similarly, you should also know what type of business financing or credit will work best for your small business.

Don’t wait to evaluate your business credit rating until you’re in dire straits; it’s important to give this score an honest review so you know what you’re dealing with from the start. Adopting these habits in the long-term can give you more options when you’re in need of a business loan, and more freedom to find the best type for your small business.



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