May 06, 2019

Small Business Spotlight: Rose & Boom Boutique

In celebration of Small Business Week, employees from Lendio’s two offices in South Jordan, UT, and Long Island, NY, are visiting local small businesses to see what makes them tick, learn how they’ve grown their business, and of course, enjoy a treat or two.

Small Business Spotlight: Rose & Boom BoutiqueWhen the monotony of her day-to-day IT Analyst job began to set in, Cat Rosenboom began looking for her second act. “I always dreamed of opening a store and was driving by one day and saw this space open,” says Rosenboom. “I always had an interest in fashion, so I made the decision to take the risk and open the store.”

That store is Rose & Boom Boutique, located in Mt. Sinai, NY. Offering unique fashion and clothing pieces without the typical boutique pricing, Rose & Boom has become so successful that Rosenboom is opening a second location soon.

Deep down Rosenboom always dreamed of being her own boss. She acknowledges the challenges that come with ‘being the boss’ but says the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

“I’ve gotten texts from friends saying, ‘I’m at the beach and I heard a girl talking about your store,’ or seeing customers tag us on Instagram in their outfits—it gives me a lot of gratitude knowing people value what we’re doing and enjoy their experience shopping with us.”

What many people don’t understand is the economic value of supporting local businesses. In retail specifically, independent stores return more than three times as much per dollar to their local economy than their big box competitors.

Rosenboom knows this firsthand. “When you shop here, you are literally helping support my family, put them through school, etc. The experience of this store has helped my family thrive, but it also helps invest in the Long Island economy.”

For information on the state of Small Business Lending in 2019, and for resources on growing your local retail business, see Lendio’s Small Business Owner’s Guide to Growth.


Rose & Boom Boutique
Owner (pictured) – Cat Rosenboom
176 N Country Rd #3, Mt Sinai, NY 11766

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Spencer Anopol
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