7 of The Most Valuable Blog Posts We’ve Published

With all of the big and exciting things happening here at Lendio, I thought it would be a good idea to pause and take a look back on the Lendio blog. We’ve had a blog running since 2011, and in the last four years, we’ve seen some really valuable insights for small business owners. So join us as we recap some of the best blog posts, infographics, videos, and content we’ve had so far.

Lendio Whiteboard: The World of Small Business Loans

Lendio Whiteboards is a video series dedicated to helping you understand the world of small business loans. This whiteboard series is published weekly, teaching people how to get a loan, where to get a loan, and what kind of loan they need for their business.


Is Starting A Business Safer Than Your Job?

With a slow economy, many people have turned to entrepreneurship as a means to pay the bills. Which begs the question, what’s better today — getting a job or starting a business?

We dug deep to find out the numbers and have compared the risk of starting a business to keeping a job. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own company, this infographic could help you decide if entrepreneurship is right for you.


8 Differences Between a Business Loan & Line of Credit

When you need some money to start, build, or grow your business, you’ll want to know the differences between business loans and business lines of credit. Each serves a unique purpose that could propel your business forward. Knowing the differences will help you make the best decision about what is best for you and your company at the moment you need capital. Here are 8 ways in which loans are different from lines of credit.


Garage to Fortune 500: How 5 Companies Started Small and Ended BIG

Every big company starts with humble beginnings. This graphic tells the stories of entrepreneurs who took 5 businesses — Apple, Whole Foods Market, Mattel, Amazon.com, and Starbucks Coffee — from their garage to the 500 most lucrative companies on Earth. This infographic gives you insight into some of the most successful businesses ever.


73 Awesome Free Resources for Growing Your Small Business

Running a small business can be rough, especially during the startup stage. You have to wear a lot of hats, and a lot of times, you don’t know how to perform in those roles. Even worse, a lot of those roles require tools that can be expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

In this article you will find educational resources, design tools, free advertising, and basically anything you need to run your small business better. Enjoy!


Comparing 15 Different Types of Business Loans

Many business loan seekers think they’ll just go talk to the bank down the street, and then hope that bank will loan them money. What they often don’t know is there are myriad types of business loans, with different qualifications and rates. Most banks specialize in just one or two loan types, and don’t have the ability to educate their clients on every loan product available to the business owner.

If you’re looking for a small business loan, comb over this list to help know which might be the best fit for your situation. With the number of business loans dropping around the country, this could help you find the loan that will give you the best chance for approval.


Why Are Millennial Business Owners Using Alternative Financing More Than Everyone Else?

This insightful article explores a recent study that showed millennials are much more likely to use alternative financing than the older generations. Check it out to see why.


How a Country Music Band Used Lendio To Fund Their Next Album

Here at Lendio, we interview people that have received funding through our platform. In the interviews, these business owners talk about everything, from the struggles they had as a startup, to the advice they would give other businesses. Watch these to get some valuable insights from other business owners like yourself.


Well, that’s about it. We’re excited for the opportunities we’ve had to work with some great small businesses in the past, and we’re even more excited for the businesses we’ll work with in the future. Keep an eye on Lendio Business Fuel as we continue to bring you the most valuable insights a small business owner can get.

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