Apr 25, 2011

7 Ways P2P Lending Benefits Both Lenders and Borrowers

The peer-to-peer lending industry (P2P) has moved at warp speed since inception in 2005, when the first peer-to-peer lender, Zopa, launched in the United Kingdom.

There are now more than 20 firms worldwide offering would-be borrowers solid alternatives to more traditional bank lenders and business loans. Some of these peer lenders specialize in school loans and micro lending, but the largest players — LendingClub and Prosper — will provide funding for any purpose.

Unlike traditional lenders, there are no penalties or higher interest rates to a borrower who wants to use funding for what some might consider more risky reasons like consolidation of debt or to pay off medical expenses.

Why has this industry grown at such a rapid rate? Put simply, it offers both borrowers and lenders significant efficiencies over the traditional banking model. For more history about P2P loans and how it works, see this infographic.

4 Reasons Borrowers Win in P2P Lending

Benefits to the borrower revolve around speed of the funding, reasonable interest rates, higher funding rates, and the ease of the application process.

3 Reasons Lenders Win in P2P Loans

Not all of the benefits apply to borrowers in the peer-to-peer lending model; lenders win by getting returns above market rates and spreading their risk through a variety of transactions.

Peer to peer lending is a model that over the last half decade has proven it offers benefits to both the borrower and the lender.

With the tightening of traditional lending markets and spiraling economy in the last few years, P2P lenders have not just survived but thrived. Unaided by government bail outs, the largest P2P lenders have combined to loan almost half a billion dollars and provided loans to more than 63,000 individuals and business owners since their inception.

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  1. Good article, Brett.

    Allow me to add 3 more reasons to invest in Prime Consumer Notes (personal loans) via Lending Club:
    1) Tax deferred or tax free investment: via IRAs and 401K rollovers.
    2) Transparency: we fully disclose how we set interest rates as well as share extensive statistics about the loan portfolio (anonymously). Even the full list of loans can be downloaded for investors to make their own analysis.
    3) Consistent returns: you mentioned “high” returns, but the most important qualifier is that those returns are consistent. Check out how our returns distribution: http://www.lendingclub.com/public/diversification.action <<— notice nobody is under 0% for 800 notes or more.

    Rob G from Lending Club

  2. Brett, thanks for this excellent article about the p2p lending industry. We have just launched Peerform.com, a new p2p lending player. Peerform will bring in mostly institutions money but will remain a p2p shop where:

    – Investors will still target returns above 10%
    – Investors’ portfolio will be diversified across many notes ~100 to protect the investment
    – Peerform is very picky in admitting borrowers to the platform – more than Lending Club and Prosper
    – Fewer borrowers than on Lending Club and Prosper but more reliable
    – Borrowers will be funded almost instantaneously (if they are reactive in responding to investor’s questins/comments)

    Investors can contact us if they are interested to know more,


    • Mikael,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I have spoken with one of your counterparts Dan regarding potentially becoming a partner with your organization. Your model is very interesting, and certainly there is room for more players in this space.

      We wish you success in your business.

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