Be Proud: Advice From The Faces of Main Street

2 min read • Jun 04, 2015 • Lendio

Here at Lendio, our passion is seeing people live the American Dream. Not only are people improving their own lives by running a business, they’re improving a community. A lot of the people we interview for Faces of Main Street powered by Lendio, a site dedicated to telling every entrepreneur’s story, give some really great business advice. Here is some insightful advice on becoming a better business owner by being prepared.

Be Proud Of Who You Are


Business Owner: Asi Yoked
Business: Reef’s Restaurant & Food Truck
Location: Park City, Utah

Advice: “Everything I do, whether it’s playing, working, being a father, I like to be proud of what I do, and make sure its excellent. Have no fear, chase your dreams, and do not stop. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something. We all have it in us, every single one of us. Whether you speak English, Hebrew, Chinese, or your skin color is this or that; we all have it in us, we are all human beings and we can all make it happen. Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have it in you, have no fear and be proud!”

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Justin Dock

Be Proud Of How Far You’ve Come

Business Owner: Justin Dock
Business: Justin Dock Real Estate
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Advice: “The person that works the hardest sets themselves up in the best position to succeed. So work very hard. Learn to develop trust as soon as possible, work really hard, then execute what you said and be fearless. People aren’t just going to pick up the phone and call you. You have to be tenacious in a way they don’t know you are being tenacious. There is a very fierce competition out there, and if you don’t have those attributes it is going to be hard to win long term.”

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