Big Vision Drives Lendio Broker Initiative: The New Hub of Small Business Lending

2 min read • Jul 16, 2014 • Ty Kiisel

Lendio, the online leader* in helping business owners secure financing, announced today a new program for brokers that helps more small businesses find the financing they need by giving brokers and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) access to the multiple lending options within the Lendio network. By adding brokers and ISOs to their expansive network of banks and other lenders, more small business owners can access the financing they need than ever before.

“I couldn’t be happier about our relationship with Lendio,” said Shawn Greenland, founder of Fundia Capital. “Lendio helps us connect our customers with more options so we can help them get the financing they need.”

With these new tools, brokers and ISOs can get more of their clients funded. Lendio allows brokers and ISOs to leverage a vast network of loan options and track each referral through the Lendio referral portal.

Motivated by a mission to become the epicenter of small business financing and the place every small business owner in the United States can turn to get a small business loan, Lendio works with banks and other lenders to:

  • Give small business owners the best options: Hand-picked lenders that include SBA lenders, traditional banks and credit unions, and alternative lenders make it possible for Lendio to offer all the small business loan options currently available—in one place.
  • Save time: Brokers and small business owners save time by avoiding the time-consuming process of shopping for a loan with multiple lenders who may or may not have the loan options they’re looking for or qualify for. Brokers submit a business’s profile information and Lendio matches the borrower with the lending options that match their needs and credit profile.
  • Provide a great experience: Experienced loan specialists help business owners navigate the loan application process without all the stress of completing multiple applications for different lenders and loan products.

“We’re looking forward to helping small business loan brokers like Shawn and Fundia Capital connect their customers with the loan products that will help their small businesses grow and thrive,” said Brock Blake, founder and CEO of Lendio. “Our platform makes it simple to determine which options fit the needs and credit profile of small business owners without the hassle of going bank to bank looking for a small business loan.”

To join the Lendio broker / ISO network, click here.

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