The Best Corporate Dress Code of All Time

The Best Corporate Dress Code of All TimeIn yesterday’s company meeting, Levi King revealed Lendio’s new dress code. Most employees shudder at the news of a corporate dress code, but not at this one, which relies heavily on the powers of the brain.

Here it is, Lendio’s Corporate dress code:

Lendio employs professional individuals in each capacity of employ. Typically, professional individuals have a brain and are at least borderline intelligent. Our dress code requires you to use the best judgment your brain can calculate to determine whether something you want to wear is appropriate for the workplace.

For example, most rational people agree that wearing T-shirts with obscenities or clothes with holes next to private body parts isn’t appropriate.

Lendio will continue with this loosely defined “Make Your Brain Use Good Judgment” dress code until employees abuse it and we’re forced to publish a bunch of restrictive, boring, stiff rules about what you can wear, how to groom yourself, and what type of hygiene to maintain.

So please, police yourselves and use good judgment so we don’t have to implement a dress code as a result of one individual’s bad judgment, which might lead to disgruntled peers having to visit a psychiatrist to get over their emotional pain and suffering.

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What do you think? Any suggestions to improve our dress code?

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So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Brilliant!

  2. Love it!! I’m considering implementing “Lendio’s Corporate dress code” in our workplace, well said!!
    Thank you:)

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