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Checkout Optimization Makes It Easier Than Ever to Sell Online

2 min read • Jul 31, 2018 • Andrew Mosteller


BigCommerce and Chase are partnering up on a deal that will make selling online incredibly intuitive. BigCommerce already powers online shopping for more than 60,000 small and mid-size businesses. Their partnership with Chase will enable immediate merchant onboarding through WePay.

This is part of BigCommerce’s plan to make online shopping and payment management easier and sleeker. And if there’s any part of the online experience businesses worry about the most, it’s the part when customers open their wallets. Any inefficiencies or difficulties in this area can turn a paying customer into a leaving customer.

“Checkout optimization represents one of the single biggest challenges that online retailers continue to face. One way that BigCommerce is driving superior conversion rates is by giving merchants and their consumers access to the industry’s most trusted payments technologies,” said Russell Klein, chief development officer at BigCommerce

The addition of Chase Pay as a checkout option will streamline the checkout process for Chase users and enable eligible customers to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards. This serves an added incentive for customers about to make a purchase.

“We are working together to make great digital storefronts even stronger by streamlining the checkout and payments experience and making payment options more accessible to our customers,” said Rob Cameron, president of partnerships for Merchant Services at Chase.

Currently, BigCommerce boasts a 28% annual growth rate for the businesses who use their services. It’s likely this number will continue to increase as BigCommerce continues to optimize their services.

The marriage of accessibility and optimization in the online space is hugely important to customers seeking a streamlined shopping experience. It’s important for small business owners to take note of the ways they can incorporate new technologies into their businesses to help bolster the ease and accessibility of their services. Checkout optimization efforts like the one between BigCommerce and Chase are exemplify how innovations can come together form all sectors of the economy to create a better experience for both online shoppers and small business owners.

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Andrew Mosteller

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