Inside the Economic Collapse: Who Started This? [Infographic]

There are hints the economy is inching back around. Although some say there may be a double dip recession around the corner. But who started it all? Who’s responsible for lots of people losing lots of money? Turns out, a bunch of rich guys and some powerful companies:

Inside the Economic Collapse: Who Started This? [Infographic]
[Via: CreditLoan.com ]

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Ben Bernanke should have controlled money supply with intelligence…to housing with tighter oversight on CDO market…not by just adjusting interest rate to counter 9/11. It was like doing surgery with a chain saw where precise knife surgery was needed..to keep money flowing..Money supply has to be closely monitored now..by not only regions..but also by industries…
    Now…Only way out is debt forgiveness to overburdened home owners and consumers.
    After tax interest expense burden if combined with taxes (All taxes fed,state,city,Gas and Toll) on bottom 80% of US population..it could be as large as 80%.
    There is nothing left for food and gas..or health co-pay…
    Large scale loan modification for home owners is the only way. Govt. can not pull out support in this environment…It will take decades..and boomers will go in to a retirement…being poor…and burden to the society.

  2. matter which one pulls the string individually: it takes the whole enchilada to pull the stunts…. a number of individuals make up the new world order… the rest of us assume their actions to be a part of our lives without knowing they are controlling us. we know televangelists are excepted: as that fella from Fort Worth said about the hundreds of millions he acquired from his flock, it is god’s money… and none of the government’s business to get its hands on that money…

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