Eight Tips to Contributing Content and Becoming a Thought Leader

One of the trends I’m seeing in public relations is an increased need for and a greater opportunity to contribute content.  In my industry this is significant as it provides new ways for PR pros to secure coverage for clients as well as to have clients educate the market on their industry and to be viewed as thought leaders.

If you’re going to contribute you have to be willing to do a few things.  First and foremost, the content needs to be compelling and the writing needs to be of the highest quality.  From there, if you’re going to write you need to be open to criticism, challenges from others with differing opinions and open to sharing your expertise and your own opinion.

A lot of people think it’s cool to blog or to see their names in a newspaper or magazine.  Often people want this but don’t realize the commitment it takes or the confidence in your knowledge and expertise it takes to lay it all on the line and share for everybody to see.  If you want to contribute, here are some steps to consider making it successful and gaining the full benefit the opportunity provides.

Opportunities abound to contribute content. If you get the opportunity to contribute content it can pay dividends to our business and to your own personal brand.  However, if you commit to doing it, you need to do it well so you can build confidence with the publication or editor and establish yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your industry.

Author: Jeremy Kartchner | Google+

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Jeremy Kartchner
Jeremy Kartchner

Jeremy Kartchner is a Partner at Snapp Conner PR and has more than 15 years experience in both technology and sports PR.  In addition to his responsibilities with Snapp Conner PR, Kartchner also works with the Utah Jazz as a member of its Game Night public relations staff where he is responsible for tracking and providing game time statistics for local, national and international media and conducting pre and post game player and coach interviews. He’s a sports fan, golfer, father of three, husband to one hottie, partially bionic, cavity free, Olympics junkie and wanna be blogger.


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